Ep. 32 Sydney Von Arx on Teaching Coding, Thinking Globally, and Stanford Effective Altruism

21st Century Visionary

Apr 29 2021 • 25 mins

Today's episode features the Sydney Von Arx. Sydney is a co-founder and current director of Bit by Bit Coding, a student-led nonprofit located in Portland with a mission is to diversify the community of ponderers and creators by equipping the next generation with the tools of technology, thinking, and leadership to improve the world, bit by bit. Sydney also helps run Stanford Effective Altruism and works with the Stanford Existential Risks Initiative. Effective Altruism is a growing social movement based on the idea that good intentions alone, while admirable, are not enough to have an impact. Instead, EA is committed to combining compassion with reasoning and evidence so that our choices do the most good possible. Sydney is currently a sophomore studying Computer Science and Biomedical Computation at Stanford University. We talked about her experience being the only girl in her high school STEM classes, getting a grant from the National Center for Women in Information Technology, running a coding camp for girls in her community, having confidence, thinking locally vs. globally, getting introduced to Effective Altruism, our power to address major issues, how her friend is addressing animal welfare, existential risks, EA opportunities for high school students, and much more!

Apply for the EA high school summer program: https://bitbybitcoding.org/uncommonsenseseminar