Business Process Improvement with Josh Rockwell

The Bow Knows Small Business

Mar 15 2022 • 25 mins

Improving your bottom line with guaranteed #ROI is what Josh Rockwell does.

Revenue too low? Overtime too high? Not meeting budget? EBITDA too low? Need to cut costs without impacting your business?

Josh Rockwell can help.

Josh's Services include process optimization for improvements in safety, quality, production rates, and overall cost of operation as well as project management. Continuous improvement has been the basis of his career and is his passion.

With an outside, fresh perspective on your business, Josh will find opportunities that may have been missed while addressing problems that have not yet been solved, or projects that haven't been able to be staffed. Josh can take your business to the next level of its evolution and growth.

Josh tells some stories of turn around, and the reactions of the people within the companies he was helping.

Lots of #storytelling happening here!

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