A Sustainable Discussion - with Amy Ryan and More

The Bow Knows Small Business

Dec 28 2021 • 52 mins

Have you noticed an increase in the conversation about the climate?

Have you heard the words climate emergency and wondered, really?

Is it time to listen?


Maybe understanding a little bit more about what is the meaning behind some of the worlds biggest problems such as our climate, our community, our governing societies and more.

Sustainability provides our future the right to live and prosper but have we truly allowed ourselves to do so?

Many would argue no, but the exploration of why and how come are not linear, they are not silos, all aspects of the debts we take from society are equal.

If we are to take from the natural environment, what is it that we will respond with sustainably?

Join Amy Ryan and Mario Cometti of ESG Strategies, Christian Grieco, MBA of Optimus One, LLC, and Tony of Sustainable PR | Glens Falls NY for what was a LIVE Panel Discussion on the subject of Sustainability.

These four professionals from the Albany and Glens Falls, NY regions are extremely passionate, and it was my pleasure to host
this LIVE broadcast on Nov 23, 2021 with lots of listener participation.

The Bow Knows Who Is Changing the World.

Episode 112

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