Seven steps to building successful businesses

Success Inspired

Aug 14 2021 • 1 hr 5 mins

Today, we're going to talk about business, how to scale business, how to start and grow your business and how to achieve financial freedom. My guest today is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced business optimisation coach that has been building businesses from scratch for the last 25 years across three countries

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  • [00:00:40] Who is Luke Fatooros
  • [00:02:08] What inspired Luke to start his first business
  • [00:03:43] Seven steps to building successful businesses
  • [00:06:29] Luke's story of starting an international distribution business from scratch on his laptop. Power of Joint Ventures
  • [00:07:27] Step 1 - Optimise your mindset and let go of your ego.
  • [00:09:19] Step 2 - Follow the cash to set your Niche
  • [00:12:35] Step 3 - Let your customers buy and establish trust
  • [00:13:57] How to build trust with your customers.
  • [00:17:44] Tips for building website that converts
  • [00:21:04] How to establish your self as an authority on the market.
  • [00:22:15] What is an effective hook product (lead magnet )
  • [00:24:05] How to find your ideal target market
  • [00:32:55] Optimise your efficiency and quality of life
  • [00:34:22] Joint ventures and how to do them right
  • [00:42:25] 5 Steps to Building a rockstar team!
  • [00:44:49] Effective Chain of command & people management
  • [00:45:26] Monkey see monkey do, don't undermine your chain of command
  • [00:46:05] Have the right incentives
  • [00:51:22] Optimise your business value
  • [00:59:08] Understand how the money flows, stop trading time for money and focus on building trust & authority in the market.

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