Engineer turned entrepreneur to solve problems worth solving

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Mar 26 2021 • 42 mins

My guest today is Dillon Mitchell, an engineer and entrepreneur who left his job working work long hours designing commercial buildings as he realised he was getting stressed out and knew there is better solution to this. He moved across the country, and started a software company that generates electrical designs in minutes allowing engineers to focus on engineering and be home with their families in time for dinner.



  • (00:00:16) - Introduction of today's guest
  • (00:02:48) - Benefits of living off the grid
  • (00:04:08) - Solving problems for construction industry
  • (00:10:34) - Thank you for what you do, what inspired Dillon to start working on solving this problem?
  • (00:16:06) - Finding passion for running & overcoming initial challenges
  • (00:20:59) - Magic happens outside your comfort zone
  • (00:23:24) - Some of the toughest moments Dillon had to overcome in his business
  • (00:24:42) - Lifestyle pros & cons of owning your own business
  • (00:26:03) - Dillon's story of finding a developer to build his software (great insights in this story).
  • (00:33:30) - Take ownership and have positive outlook on life
  • (00:34:47) - Starting a new business? Here's some advice from Dillon for you
  • (00:36:11) - Dillon's best go to routines to de-stress
  • (00:40:56) - Final tips & how to get in touch with Dillon or Kowabunga studios

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