Neuro-linguistic programming with Maria Vamvouklis

Success Inspired

May 14 2021 • 53 mins

My guest today is In this episode I interview Maria Vamvouklis about effective use of NLP in business and personal life and how use of NLP can help reach better outcomes in communication with others. Maria is an NLP Business Coach, Mentor and Trainer with over 15 years of experience in professional and personal development coaching. Trainer of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis.  Special Offer: (Free masterclass - 3 Ways how to double your sales) Links: ( Highlights:(00:00:16) - My guest introduction - Maria Vamvouklis (00:03:18) - From Police force officer to an NLP practitioner (00:07:36) - What NLP is and why you should know about it (00:09:02) - Examples of NLP use (00:11:55) - NLP In Summary, what to watch out for (00:17:04) - Specific words to be aware in your communication (00:25:10) - What is anchoring in NLP benefits & when to use this technique (00:29:33) - What you tell yourself is important - Internal language & NLP to watch out for (00:32:35) - Use of NLP for team motivation (00:36:45) - What Maria believes to be true, that not a lot of other people agree with (00:39:02) - Maria's entrepreneurial journey and challenges she's had to overcome (00:45:02) - Maria's success in her business & lifestyle (00:48:51) - How is Maria keeping herself at her very best she can be. (00:50:32 - Key take away points from this episode (00:52:04) - Final ending, contact details for Maria and Special offer Subscribe So You Don't Miss Out:Subscribe to SIP mailing list to get regular updates (by clicking here) Listen Success Inspired On Your Favourite Platform: (Listen on Success Inspired Podcast Official) (Listen on Apple Podcasts) (Listen on Spotify) (Listen on Stitcher) (Listen on Google Podcasts) (Listen on Overcast) (Listen on Pocket Casts) Support This Show:Rate on (Podchaser) Rate & Review on (iTunes) & Google Podcast Donate (Auphonic Credits) to assist with my production costs Like & Follow Success Inspired :Follow on (Linkedin) Follow on (Twitter) Like on (Facebook) Follow on (Instagram) Enquiries :Contact Vit on (LinkedIn) Get Vit's updates on (Facebook) Follow Vit on (Instagram) Find Vit on ( twitter) Looking To Start A Podcast?Here are some of my tried & tested recommendations. Hosting - I host this podcast with Captivate, the world's only growth-oriented podcast host™ - you can too, and get your first 7-days on me (by clicking here now.) Marketing your show - this is what I use to generate amazing audiograms for each episode - (free to sign up by clicking here) This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn - Chartable - Support this podcast