Overcoming Bankruptcy and Finding Business Success

Success Inspired

Sep 17 2021 • 57 mins

Ean Price Murphy helps successful entrepreneurs set up an easy spreadsheet-free cash-management system that works with your existing habits to get you at a glance clarity … so you don’t have to learn accounting to be permanently profitable.

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  • (00:00:13) - Introduction of today's guest - Ean Price Murphy
  • (00:17:43) - Give every dollar a job and give every dollar a home.
  • (00:19:39) - Juggling money around, luck of integrity and responsibility
  • (00:22:19) - Don't treat your finances like a yo-yo
  • (00:23:36) - How to figure out your business maths and what really matters in the end
  • (00:26:59) - Ideal place to start with when trying to figure out the purpose of your business.
  • (00:35:10) - Pricing & Value, 2 ways to decide how much to charge
  • (00:36:46) - Simple maths formula to figure out how much your business needs to make per year
  • (00:40:32) - How to figure out your initial investment to start a business
  • (00:45:33) - Ean's story about overcoming bankruptcy in her early 20s
  • (00:53:21) - What happens when you declare bankruptcy

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