E961: Ham Radio Today - Labor Day SALES and DEALS!

Ham Radio 2.0

Sep 22 2022 • 17 mins

Happy Labor Day! Here are the links for this holiday weekend's deals (and beyond)
🦞R&L Daily Deals: http://hr2.li/5fsa3
🦞BuyTwoWayRadios Sale:
⚡️ $20 off KG-1000g GMRS Mobile - http://hr2.li/gnbt01
⚡️ Melowave Antennas - http://hr2.li/sbfvn
⚡️ 10% Off Wouxun Radios - http://hr2.li/odf3s
⚡️ President Thomas AM/FM CB Radio - http://hr2.li/0b2og
🦞Gigaparts FLASH SALE: https://www.gigaparts.com/flash-sale
🦞Lido Mounts: http://hr2.li/1olwm
COUPON: labor20
🦞Ham Radio Prep: https://hamradioprep.com
COUPON: jason20
🦞Bridgecom Giveaway: https://wn.nr/9LHRt3
🦞Ed Fong Antennas: http://hr2.li/bbe82
🦞🦞EVERY DAY DEALS: https://www.livefromthehamshack.tv/affiliates-and-deals/

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