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Michael Matias

Daily talk show with thought leaders from around the world.

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Ep816: Dan Brahmy | CEO, Cyabra
Ep816: Dan Brahmy | CEO, CyabraEp815: Asaf Toker | CEO, MatricelfEp814: Peter Reynolds | CRO, ThetarayEp813: Henry Barclay | CEO & Co-Founder, PalloEp812: Leon Kuperman | Chief Technology Officer,  CAST.AIEp811: Mark Zides | CEO, CoreAxis ConsultingEp810: Ehud Yalin-Mor | SVP WiseStamp, vcitaEp809: Hila Goldman-Aslan | CEO & Co-Founder, DiA Imaging AnalysisEp808: Dana Bash Shelach | CEO, iTalentEp807: Amnon Avi-Guy | General Manager, RobotizeEp806: Dr. Roni Dodiuk-Gad | Head, Inflammatory and Autoimmune Skin diseases Unit, Emek Medical CenterEp805: Sharonna Karni Cohen | CEO & Co-Creator, DreameEp804: Mendel Gniwisch | CEO, stor.aiEp803: Ziv Yekutieli | CEO, Mon4tEp802: Alon Fliess | Founder & Chief Technology Officer, ZioNetEp801: Jeff Williams | Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of ContrastEp800: Rob Volpe | CEO, Ignite 360Ep799: Bentsi Ben-atar | Chief Marketing Officer, SepioEp798: Steve Pockross | CEO, VerblioEp797: Guy Goldman | Founder and CEO, Olive Diagnostics