When You Forget To Do Things

Life Organized Podcast

Nov 23 2022 • 24 mins

How many times have you forgotten to…     Start the crockpot?     Make that phone call?     Add something to the calendar?     Order that thing you needed from Amazon?     Pick up something you needed while you were at the store?

And what kind of problems did that cause?

Isn’t it the worst when simple tasks turn into roaring fires – all because you forgot to take action on them?

The key is to catch it as you think of it, and today we will talk about 3 ways you can create this habit – and what kind of thoughts you’d be wise to capture.

This episode is all about preventing those fires, so you can have less stress and more time for what matters most. This is what having an organized life is all about!

In this episode:

  • How to leverage an “external brain” to manage these tasks
  • Find the right to do list for you
  • The power of the mantra “Catch it as You Think of It”
  • When to review what you’ve written down
  • What kinds of tasks you should “catch”
Tools in this episode:

Mantra: Catch It As You Think Of It


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