When You Want Everything Organized Right Now

Life Organized Podcast

Oct 19 2022 • 14 mins

Remember that Adam Sandler movie from years ago called “Click?” Where he found a universal remote that could fast forward through all the hard parts of life, so he could skip the messy middle and just get to show up at the end when everything was easy again?

It would be so great to get your hands on a remote like that to fast forward through all the work and just have everything be organized right NOW.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that remote, or a magic wand, or anything else that can give you these instantaneous results…but I do have a strategy that can help you know what to do in this kind of a moment.

It is a little formula I like to call Small + Simple = Success. And here’s a spoiler alert: these little wins create BIG results.

Tools taught in this episode:

Success is a formula – it is a series of steps

Small + specific = Success


The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy Get Organized Bootcamp Organize Your Paper Organize your Space


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