Creating Smart Products, Niches, & #Founderlife

The Firebelly Social Show

Aug 6 2021 • 30 mins

Christina Appleton is the Founder of Appleton Consulting and VP of Marketing at Karma Nuts. She is a strategic marketer with a strong background in analytics and operations, having worked as Senior Director of Purchasing & Merchandising at Thrive Market, Director of Business Development at Laurel & Wolf, VP of Operations, Sales & Marketing at Purple Health, and Marketing Manager at Fox Networks Group.

Christina is a fourth generation grocer. Her family started a store in Michigan called Appleton Market, which she now runs. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Northwestern University.

In this episode…

Many entrepreneurs in the food industry start their businesses out of a desire to satisfy their own needs. With focus and determination, they end up building great brands that help other people live simpler lives.

This is what happened with Christina Appleton. She was frustrated with not finding something tasty and nutrient-dense that she could quickly warm and eat. This frustration (and her vision to help other people find healthier food bites) led to the creation of power veggie bites. She uses ingredients from local farmers in Southern California to create her products that provide the satisfaction of a real meal.

On this episode of the Firebelly Social Show, Duncan Alney talks with Christina Appleton, of Appleton Consulting and VP of Marketing at Karma NFounder uts, about founder life and building a food brand. Christina shares her experience being a female founder, talks about her inspiration to create power veggie bites, and explains how Better Box helps support small businesses.