Disrupting The Wine Space: Living The Dream With Just Enough Wines Founder Jessica Hershfield

The Firebelly Social Show

Aug 27 2021 • 26 mins

Jessica Hershfield is the Founder and CEO of Just Enough Wines, a brand that sells premium, great-tasting wine in the convenience of a can. The cans provide a glass and a half worth of quality wine.

Before founding Just Enough Wines, Jessica was the Senior Product Manager at Lime and Product Operations Manager - Pricing and Fares at Uber. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology and Global Public Health from Stanford University.

In this episode…

There are many benefits — and challenges — associated with entrepreneurship. The journey of building a successful brand requires commitment, self-drive, and the courage to go after your dreams despite all the obstacles you face. As a founder, you have to wear different hats and take on different responsibilities, especially as you start your business.

Jessica Hershfield, an entrepreneur and the Founder of Just Enough Wines, is constantly growing and transforming her brand. She knows how important it is to stay competitive, regardless of the industry the entrepreneur operates in. She also knows how valuable it is to build a mission-driven business centered around your core values. So, what steps can you take to differentiate and revolutionize your brand, all while staying true to your core principles?

On this episode of the Firebelly Social Show, Duncan Alney talks with Jessica Hershfield, the Founder and CEO of Just Enough Wines, about the value of innovation when building a disruptive brand. Jessica also talks about the importance of having well-defined core values, discusses the benefits of having a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs, shares tips to manage burnout, and explains how social media marketing helps build brand transparency. Stay tuned.