Changing The World With Second Chance Employment

The Firebelly Social Show

Dec 17 2021 • 23 mins

Rob Perez is the Founder of DV8 Kitchen, a social enterprise restaurant and bakery. DV8 Kitchen is focused on hiring and training people in recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction in order to give them a second chance. Rob believes the world can change for the better if other employees understand the importance of hiring at least one-second chance employee. He teaches how to hire, motivate, and retain second chance employees without wasting your time or money, all while having a higher purpose at work.

In this episode…

Many people do not have enough time in their week to work, meet family obligations, and give back to their community. What if there was a way to give back, have a social impact, and fulfill a higher purpose at work?

Sometimes learning how to integrate second chance employees into your current organization (without spending more money or time) will leave you with confidence knowing that you are giving people another opportunity. Rob Perez is here to share tips for turning apprehensiveness into confidence to successfully hire and retain second chance employees — and change their life in the process.

On this episode of the Firebelly Social Show, Duncan Alney talks with Rob Perez, the Founder of DV8 Kitchen, about heading a successful business, second chance employment, and giving back to people. Plus, Rob discusses why that’s so important to society. Tune in to learn how DV8 does it, the positive effect on the employees and the community, and how to build an organization with second chance employees.