True Crime Rhymes With Vodka

Kimberly and Jaclyn

True Crime Rhymes With Vodka is a true crime, comedy podcast with a twist. Join Kim and Jackie, best friends for nearly 30 years from Nebraska, as they take turns telling true crime stories. Each episode is garnished with a tale of Drunken Debauchery.
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Feb 19 2020
58 seconds
Episode 69: Silver PumasEpisode 68: Mini Canned CranEpisode 67: Kidding On The SquareEpisode 66: We Out Chaaa!Episode 65: Baby FridayEpisode 64: Low Carb, High AlcoholEpisode 63: Hip Freddy With The BeardEpisode 62: Taking The Blame For The ShameEpisode 61: Thirsty For SteveEpisode 60: These Drinks Are Made For Drinkin'Episode 59: Jail Shoes For The YardEpisode 58: Check Your Dentist's Credentials!Episode 57: Vodka On Vodka On VodkaEpisode 56: Bring Me A Fountain Pen!Episode 55: Surfing For SquirrelsEpisode 54: Ghosts Don't Come Out At 2PMEpisode 53: Of Course It Has JuniperEpisode 52: Going Going Back To Philly PhillyEpisode 51: All The Eye RollsEpisode 50: Lemon Water World