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We focus on candid, sincere and vulnerable conversations that put a spotlight on mental health, sexuality and gender, lifestyle and everything in between. The Getting Jewcy experience is raw and completely unscripted. WE RARELY EDIT ANYTHING OUT. We get to know our guests behind their public image, so that you can get to know them beyond their Social Media presence. Follow us on Instagram @getting_jewcy, on Facebook @gettingjewcy and WATCH our podcast episodes on YouTube @ Getting Jewcy with Rachel & Hiiro. *Theme music by Matcha Dacha.*
Episode 74 with Melina Schein - Opera Singer, Jewish Food Chef, Theatre Producer, Vocal CoachEpisode 73 with Alicia Antonio - Actor, Author, PR for Hell's Kitchen Alums, Shoe Designer, Cool MomEpisode 72 with Chloe Morgan - Award Winning DJ, Radio Show Host, Fierce MamaThe Last Sip with Rachel & Hiiro - Episode 7Episode 71 with Chris Menzies - Personal Trainer, Behavioural Change Specialist, Human Ally
In this episode we get a dose of the Menzies! Chris Menzies, self love advocate and personal trainer, joins us from North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Chris has lived many different lives and has worn many hats: husband, father, personal trainer, LGBTQ+ ally, behavioral change specialist and 100% DILF… hmmm…. Hiiro… really?? lol!Chris dives into his story of growing up and about what a positive impact his father has had in his life. His dad bravely came out to his family as gay when Chris was 13, and at an early age taught Chris the importance of being true to yourself. Chris has been on a path of health and wellness both in body and mind ever since then. It’s a part of the driving force behind why recently he’s been able to leave a “secure and predictable” job he had for many years and enter into self-employment, specializing in fitness and behavioral change.Chris also speaks openly about how he’s navigated a breakup with his partner during the beginning of the pandemic, and how they’ve been coparenting 2 young sons with great respect and love.He also speaks to his commitment of morning routines and the benefits of personal practices, including affirmation, intention setting and self reflection. Chris is a gentle and compassionate human that radiates light and clarity. He’s passionate about self development and about sharing his own progress with his clients, in the hopes they thrive along with him!Chris’ Links:Instagram (@chrismenz)Email - chrismzies@gmail.comGetting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
Oct 18 2021
1 hr 9 mins
Episode 70 with Shawn Antonio - Celebrity Life Coach, Author, Motivational SpeakerEpisode 69 with Jeff Grace Part 2 - Swimming-Specific Yoga Teacher, Mental Health Advocate
*You can catch our 1st chat with Jeff in our very first episode with a guest, recorded 1 year prior, on episode 2!*We come full circle with our first ever guest and Jewcy (and hunky) Mensch, Jeff Grace! Jeff is a man of many gifts including teaching yoga from a swimmers specific lens, an advocate for mental health and bi-polar disorder, and amplifies the benefits of coaching/development to further your pure potential.One big update since Jeff's last visit... he moved to Sweden 🇸🇪  with his wife, so he joins us from across the ocean! Jeff reflects on his progress both personally and professionally and shares with us the processes of his mental health through transition (and what advice he gives others going through some big life altering changes). We also chat about the cultural differences between Vancouver, Canada and Sweden, including ways he was able to quickly find Community in his new home.We're always grateful to Jeff for sharing his stories of being a mental health warrior! He truly takes his life by the horns (or balls?) and is constantly working on being an advocate for himself, always getting the assistance he needs and teaching others to do the same.Oh… and Jeff just happens to be Jew-ISH too. lol!**Trigger warning** This episode includes some discussion on mental health. The discussion comes from real life experience, and might be sensitive to some listeners. We hope this episode opens up the dialog more when it comes to the stigmas that still exist surrounding mental health.If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please call the Canadian Suicide Prevention Service at 1-833-456-4566. We also have a website resource below for those who are needing help navigate their mental health challenges. With love and light, Rachel & Hiiro. Mental Health Links:Mental Health First Aid CanadaSupport in CanadaIn Crisis in Canada? Please call 1-833-456-4566. In the US, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)Jeff's Links:WebsiteInstagram (@swimmingspecificyoga)Jeff Grace on the Stand Up for Mental Health StageGetting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This EpisodeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
Sep 11 2021
1 hr 15 mins
The Last Sip with Rachel & Hiiro - Episode 6
In this episode of The Last Sip, where we squeeze out that last drop of the convo, our chat revolves around the comparisons that people are making about the vaccine passports in Canada. We realize this is a very hot and controversial topic and it's not our intension to hurt anyone who finds this particular episode. We aren't always so serious with our content but...One comparison in particular has really hit a nerve with us and we felt the need to talk about it. There are some people out there comparing the vaccine passport to the Holocaust. We are grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, and we felt it was important to challenge this hurtful and disrespectful comparison.Incredulously, there have even been protesters who are against the vaccine passport wearing yellow stars... yes, the same symbol the Nazis made Jews wear during the Second World War. A statement made by Eta Yudin, The Montreal Holocaust Museum's vice-president, mirrors our sentiments ever so eloquently... “The appropriation of yellow stars by these protesters trivializes the Holocaust and the lessons learned. The yellow star was a symbol of the repression of the fundamental rights of Jews in the context of a genocidal project to exterminate the Jewish people. We should all be shocked".To respect the the history of the Jewish people and to not undervalue the extreme, unthinkable suffering that was endured, we ask you to please PAUSE first, and have a really deep think about whether it's fair to compare the vaccine passport to the Holocaust.On a lighter, appreciative note... We're so happy you found us! In order to continue making Jewcy content for you we'd love if you'd Subscribe, Like, Comment, Share, Tag, Save, Post, Review, Tweet, Toot, Tit, Tat...Getting Jewcy Links:WebsiteWatch This Episode on YouTubeInstagram (@getting_jewcy)Facebook (@gettingjewcy)
Sep 5 2021
29 mins
Episode 68 with Chef Trenton Garvey - Hell's Kitchen 'Young Guns' Season 20, Executive Chef
Aug 22 2021
1 hr 14 mins
Episode 67 with Kira Leigh - Writer of LGBTQ+ Stories, Forever-Artist, Sometimes-FreelancerEpisode 66 with Margaux Wosk - Autistic Artist, Self AdvocateEpisode 65 with Chef Kori Sutton - Hell's Kitchen Season 19 Winner, Mama Kori Salsa, Super MomThe Last Sip with Rachel & Hiiro - Episode 5Episode 64 with Jasmin Parkin Part 2 - Singer/Keyboardist for Mother Mother, Yoga TeacherThe Last Sip with Rachel & Hiiro - Episode 4Episode 63 with Donovan Mahoney Part 2 - Photographer, Addictions Recovery Advocate, Yoga TeacherEpisode 62 with Chef Nick Peters Bond Part 2 - Hell's Kitchen Alum, Kitchen to Aisle CateringEpisode 61 with Jason Marr, ND - Naturopathic Doctor, Coach, EntrepreneurEpisode 60 with Ingrid Nilson - Cartoon Voice, Voice-Over Coach, Actor, Singer, DancerEpisode 59 with Chef Mary Lou Davis Part 2 - Hell's Kitchen Season 19 Runner-Up, Cosplay Cutie