Episode 110: Brian Darwas Vs. A Leaf Blower

Low-Budget Rebels: An Indie Filmmaking Conversation with Josh Stifter

Oct 3 2019 • 57 mins

A while ago, I saw this amazing, indie film called Get My Gun. As I watched it, I kept just thinking about how wonderfully polarizing the flick would likely be and how it doesn't give a shit what you want to happen. It just goes for it. Exploitation without forcing it down your throat. A well crafted story with some really f*cked up moments and a rebel without a crew spirit.

Plus, the filmmaker behind the film, Brian Darwas, turns out to be a really great guy. So, we sat down this morning to b.s. about his process, critics, guerrilla style shooting in New York, guys with leaf blowers, and more.

Make sure to check out Get My Gun on SHUDDER today!