Asset Based Lending for Wealth-Building With Kevin Amolsch

Mario Dattilo Show

Feb 6 2023 • 40 mins

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In this episode, Mario interviews Kevin Amolsch, CEO of Pine Financial an asset based lending fund. As a successful businessman he shares his journey from the military to real estate investing and how it can be a vehicle for wealth-building. Kevin emphasizes the importance of reading books, foreclosure investing, and lease options. He also highlights the benefits of transitioning to lending and shares insights on debt and equity funds, legal council, and regulations. Kevin stresses the importance of having a diversified portfolio and a great team to navigate complexity. He also provides tips on how to handle inflation and uncertainty, and how to keep your investments profitable. Lastly, Kevin shares his thoughts on the future of commercial real estate and how to best approach investing in debt, and how to contact him.

About Kevin:
Kevin Amolsch is a successful real estate investor and private money lender.  He earned his degree in Finance after serving four years in the US Army. After college, Kevin spent two years working with Wall Street as a Mortgage Bond Analyst before leaving to work in real estate financing for investors full time. He and his companies have closed on over 2,400 transactions as a buyer, seller or private money lender. He has spent 2 decades as a real estate investor and 16 years in real estate lending. He is the author of The 45-Day Investor, a frequent speaker, and has been quoted in The Las Vegas Review Journal, The Denver Post, Yahoo Real Estate, Denver Business Journal, and Forbes.

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Talking Points:

00:59 How Kevin Started from the Military into Business

02:15 Real Estate Is The Vehicle That Will Make Me Rich

02:34 Reading Books and Foreclosure Investing

03:29 Picking Up a Book on Lease Options

04:44 Transitioning from Real Estate to Lending

05:56 Securities Offering or Debt to Debt?

08:29 Get Legal Council from an Attorney, Not Government

10:33 Reg-D and Reg-A Explained

12:22 Debt Funds vs Equity Funds

16:46 Invest in a Diversified Portfolio Run by Pros

18:30 Have a Fantastic Team to Deal with Complexity

21:00 The Most Popular Business Models for Borrowers

22:20 How To Get Comfortable with Inflation and Uncertainty

25:44 How to Keep Pace with Above-Average Returns

30:20 Beefing Up Liquidity to Weather Tough Times

33:42 The Banks Might Have to Hit Commercial Real Estate

35:15 How to Think About Investing in Debt

38:38 How and Who Should Get Ahold of Kevin

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