Creative Investing and Financing Strategies With Chris Prefontaine

Mario Dattilo Show

Dec 26 2022 • 45 mins

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Mario talks with Chris Prefontaine about creative investing and best practices. Chris is a real estate expert who advises seeking out free and clear properties, screening for good partners, building an education company, and paying a premium for the right deal. Chris and Mario discuss how listening is the best way to find solutions to problems. Chris also advises on how to exit creatively and avoid exposing yourself to a bank. Mario also predicts a more rental society. Together they discuss finding a niche you're passionate about as well as experienced partners and mentors. And why it’s important to focus on your business for at least five to seven years to see real results. Finally, Chris recommends working with people who have failed and learned.

Chris Prefontaine is the four-time best-selling author of Real Estate on Your Terms, The New Rules of Real Estate Investing, and Sell With Authority for Real Estate Investors. He’s also founder of the Wicked Smart companies and host of the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast.

Today Chris and his family and team run their own creative financing business and are still in the trenches every day. Their main focus is helping students across North America plan their escape from their W-2 jobs by getting in the trenches and doing deals with them. They’ve completed over $100 million in transactions.

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Talking Points:

00: 38 Chris’s Real Estate Origin Story

01:44 Starting Creative Financing

03:38 Transitioning From Land Owners

04:33 “The Great Debacle” and Chris’s Book

04:47 The Market Changes, Strategy Changes

05:29 How Should We Be Thinking Differently Now?

07:42 “You Get Paid In Life By How Much Value You Bring”

07:53 Remember Everything Changes Continuously

08:17 What Are The New Strategies?

10:08 Seek Out The Free and Clear Properties

11:52 How To Be Aware of Seller Financing and Dodd-Frank

14:24 Screening for Good (and Bad) Partners

16:49 Make Sure Your Mentors, Coaches, and Partners Have a Track Record

17:27 How Do You Vet Inexperienced Partners?

18:22 Building An Education Company Around Real Estate

20:33 Cash Upfront Mindset to Paper Mindset

22:02 Paying a Premium For The Right Deal

23:25 Listening and Finding Solutions to Problems

23:59 The Quadrant: Price, Term, Monthly, Downpayment/Interest

26:45 Local Investing or Long-Distance Investing?

27:31 Self-Manage or Third-Party Management?

29:19 Creative Angles to Exit

29:51 “Don’t Expose Yourself to a Bank”

31:29 Buying Differently Than You Sell

33:04 What Is Chris Looking At Doing Next?

34:08 The Three People Who Get Effected

35:20 A More Rental Society

36:35 How to Go From Your Job to Real Estate

37:04 Find a Niche You’re Passionate About

37:19 Find Experienced Partners and Mentors

37:49 Put “The Blinders” On For Five to Seven Years (Focus)

40:02 Working With People Who Have Failed and Learned

43:03 Who Should Get Ahold of Chris

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