Navigating the Cannabis Industry as a Lender with Rob Sechrist

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Jan 30 2023 • 41 mins

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In this episode of the Mario Dattilo Show Podcast, Rob Sechrist, an expert in lending in the cannabis industry, shares his experience and insights on the industry. He discusses how new legislation has changed the industry, the advantages of investing in REITs, the likelihood of rents decreasing, consolidation trend, how supply & demand affecting the industry, how different states are performing, and the future of the industry. He also explains how the Fed issues DEA licenses, the wild west of the lending industry, and how to get in touch with him. Rob's insights on cannabis industry is valuable for both investors and those looking to enter the industry.

Rob is a co-founder and president of Pelorus Equity Group (“Pelorus”), the leading provider of value-add bridge commercial real estate loans to cannabis businesses and owners with cannabis-related real estate, and the co-manager of the Pelorus Fund, a private mortgage real estate investment trust (“mREIT”).

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Talking Points:
00:50 How Rob Entered the Cannabis Industry

01:01 Rob’s Lending Expertise

01:55 How New Legislation Changed Everything

04:36 Explaining Different REITs

08:37 Advantages to REITs for Investors

11:15 Target Between 12% and 15% IRR

13:13 Why Rents are Likely to Go Down in the Cannabis Industry

17:00 How Bond Rates Went Away

18:17 Is the Cannabis Industry Starting to Consolidate More?

20:50 Is an Increase in Supply Having an Impact?

21:46 Lenders vs Cannabis Operators

22:55 How Different States Compare in the Cannabis Industry

26:01 It’s Easy to Increase Production

26:20 Lending to Retail vs Growing Facilities

29:22 The Value of the Build Out

30:30 What’s Coming Down the Pipe?

31:45 How Different Administrations Impact the Cannabis Industry

33:01 How The Fed Issues DEA Licenses

34:34 The Wild West of the Lending Industry

35:11 Are Borrowers Often Operators?

38:25 Very High Standard Facilities

38:58 How To Get Ahold of Rob

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