Apartment Investing & Raising Capital With Pranay Parikh

Mario Dattilo Show

Jan 16 2023 • 31 mins

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In this episode, Mario talks with Pranay Parikh about his journey from a medical doctor to a real estate investor. The points discussed in this podcast include the benefits of real estate investing, such as having control over your investments and the potential for passive income. Pranay also talks about building a media ecosystem and audience, and the importance of having a balanced investment portfolio and being flexible and ready for changing market conditions. Additionally, the speaker emphasizes the importance of considering risk as well as reward and making investments that help you sleep well at night.

About Pranay:
Dr. Pranay Parikh is a medical doctor, serial entrepreneur, and podcast host. His unconventional journey to medicine helped him learn the skills to excel in entrepreneurship and real estate. Over the past 16 months, he’s bought over $200 million in real estate and helped 100s of others invest in real estate without being a landlord


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Talking Points:
00:35 How Pranay Became A Doctor

01:00 Real Estate Gives You Control Unlike The Stock Market

01:54 Finding Syndications: 95% Benefits With 2-3% of The Work

04:30 Active or Passive Investment?

05:12 Pranay’s Course “Passive Income MD”

06:11 How Pranay Built His Media Ecosystem

06:51 Build Your Audience First

08:03 You Only Have So Much Cognitive Bandwidth

09:44 Have A Balanced (Investment) Diet

11:01 Providing Quality Housing

13:42 We Don’t Look For Deals, People Bring Us Deals

14:58 Build Relationships Before You Need Them

15:35 Focusing On Low or No Tax Areas

16:50 Look At Your Networks For Inspiration

18:18 Adapt To Changing Conditions

19:30 Flexibility Is Important

21:40 Be Ready With Liquidity

22:30 Recognize Risk, Not Only Reward

23:10 Get On The Phone

24:19 Making Investments That Help You Sleep Well At Night25:30 It’s Important To Look At Trends

27:28 Can Your Property Handle Double or Triple Vacancy?

28:44 The Common Sense Test

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