Finding Your Organizing Style & Decluttering Your Life

HGTV Obsessed

Jun 17 2021 • 1 hr

Cas Aarssen and Wendell Holland, hosts of Hot Mess House, share their favorite tips for getting a handle on household clutter. Cas talks about how to find the unique organizing style that works for you and Wendell shares ingenious furniture and storage solutions that can help streamline a cluttered space without having to buy out The Container Store. Then, host of The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast, Stephanie Sefarian, gives her thoughts on how to declutter with an eye toward sustainability, and how to avoid excess consumerism. Finally, the Tidy Dad himself, Tyler Moore, shares his story living with his family of four in a 700 square-foot apartment and how he not only decluttered his space, but his entire life, to live with “just enough.”

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