Why You Should Use the Good China with Rajiv Surendra

HGTV Obsessed

Aug 19 2021 • 29 mins

Mean Girls actor and artist Rajiv Surendra talks about the art of learning a skill and surrounding yourself with craftsmanship. Rajiv chats with host Marianne Canada about how his fascination with pioneers at an early age has evolved into his admiration for craftsmanship as an adult. He talks about the difference between talent and skill, and what being a master of a craft really means. Rajiv talks about the collection of handmade items in his home and how a combination of the Marie Kondo method and patience has forced him to be surrounded by only items that bring him joy and nostalgia. He talks about the importance of living with purpose and intention in a fast-paced, digital world and not waiting to use the precious items that you have. Then, award-winning furniture and interior fabricator Jason Pickens talks about growing up in a furniture-making family, and how it taught him to appreciate process and slow craftsmanship. He talks about the value of bespoke furniture and how to source unique, handmade furniture for yourself.

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