Season 2, Episode 7 - Daren Blakely, Author, Ministry Leader & Finance Manager

Courageous Living

Oct 24 2021 • 49 mins

Daren Blakely is first class all the way.  He is a loving Husband and Father, a Veteran, Author, Ministry Leader, Finance Manager and Business Manager.  He leads with kindness and by example.

Throughout his life he has faced opposition with courage and grace.  He survived the loss of his high school sweetheart who passed from Pancreatic Cancer, and then after two years met his current wife Nikia.

Together with the Lord Daren & Nikia  built a strong marriage together and after a short while, Nikia developed Breast Cancer.  Daren loved & supported Nikia through that.  Through this test of grit and faith, Daren remained positive, supportive and focused on his relationship with God.
A few short years later after Nikia's recovery Daren experienced his own health crisis experiencing heart health issues where Nikia became the tender care giver.

Daren & Nikia together help individuals and couples connect with the Lord and with each other.  Together they participate in several marriage ministries together.

You'll be inspired by Daren's journey of faith, courage & love!