Episode 26: The Gamestop Stock Controversy Explained

Tell Us The Truth

Feb 3 2021 • 56 mins

Tell Us The Truth Episode 26: The Gamestop Stock Controversy Explained

The battle between Hedge Fund Stock Market Experts and Average Joe investors over Gamestop stock has heated up and Educator and part time Investor James "Smitty" Smith is here to hopefully make sense out of what's going on. Listen as Smitty, a New England native, details specifically what the controversy is, why Amateur Investors like himself have taken an interest in preventing the Pros from putting the final nail in Gamestop's investment coffin, and the moral mission behind a cause like this. How might Congress respond to investment App Robin Hood interfering with Amateur Investor's ability to buy and sell? How will all of this impact Gamestop as a business? How much are Amateur Investors making off of outsmarting the Professional Stock Market Traders and/ Hedge Fund big shots?

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