An Inside Look at Lobbying in Colorado with Jenn Penn Part 2

SALTovation: Making Sense of State and Local Tax

Jan 23 2023 • 21 mins

In this episode of the SALTovation podcast, Meredith Smith and Judy Vorndran continue their discussion with Jenn Penn, a Contract Lobbyist at Dome Strategies in Colorado, on simplifying tax through lobbying and other special interest groups. Jenn talks about TABOR, the Tax Payer Bill of Rights, and discusses how much power, because of the constitution, can the state impose on cities. She also shares the 2023 goals of the Colorado Sales Tax Coalition and what they hope to see the legislator consider in this next session.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • TABOR and the Colorado Municipal League
  • Non-partisan legislation and
  • 2023 goals of the Simplify Colorado Sales Tax Coalition

What You Will Learn:

  • [01:15] SB 2232
  • [06:08] TABOR
  • [13:02] Goals for enhancing the SUTS program in 2023


  • “The Colorado Municipal League is a non-profit that represents the municipal governments at the legislator but they are also an advocacy and informational arm back to those local governments for all of the things that pass.” - Jenn Penn [04:12]

  • “A lot of cities don’t have captive legal teams and have to source that with a third party. A municipal league is the keeper of the information for all the different cities and a tremendously helpful resource.” - Judy Vorndran [04:43]

  • “Joint resolutions direct local governments and the business community to work together and have conversations to find a better, more simplified way to work on building permits and building permit process.” - Jenn Penn [14:53]

  • “Colorado is one of the first states to implement the retail delivery fee. What is to prohibit another state from doing the same thing? There is a lot of precedent nationally that could be set based off of this delivery fee.” - Meredith Smith [18:54]