44. 5 Lessons From 2020

Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast

Jan 5 2021 • 22 mins

In this episode called 5 Lessons From 2020, I share 5 lessons from 2020 that we can all learn from. The lessons relate to life, finance, and my experience recording 44 podcasts so far.

If you listen to this episode, you’ll hear the following mentioned:

  • Life can be hard
  • Stockdale paradox
  • Remember Your WHY
  • We need to celebrate our wins
  • “If I did it once I can do it again.”
  • Learn from the past
  • You need an unexpected event fund
  • Listen to Understand
  • Episode 43 – The Magic of Investing in Yourself
  • Episode 41 – The Talk – Discussing Finances With Your Spouse
  • Slow and steady always wins
  • The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

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