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Classroom Routines and Procedures
Jun 30 2022
Classroom Routines and Procedures
As we know, a classroom built on procedures and routines is more likely to foster positive relationships, and experience productivity over an unstructured and unpredictable classroom.  Well-defined routines and procedures not only keep students safe, but helps maximize our instructional time. I invite you to hear from SEVEN incredible Northern Kentucky educators--ranging in service from Kindergarten to high school, and the arts--in the hope that you may walk away with a fresh idea or insight to kick off the next school year.Be sure to check out some of the resources mentioned from these amazing teachers:Ashley Rabe, Kindergarten teacher in the Kenton County School District--photos of what Mrs. Rabe shares in this episode Casey Kirk, Gifted and Talented Resource Specialist in the Williamstown Independent School DistrictAlyssa Vanderpool, Music teacher in the Fort Thomas Independent School DistrictLeah Jefferson, High School teacher at the Ignite Institute's Education pathway college--Google slides to accompany what Mrs. Jefferson shares in this episodeElizabeth Winkler, High School math teacher in the Bellevue Independent School District--Links to some of the tools Mrs. Winkler mentions in this episodeChristy Daugherty, Reading and Math Interventionist in the Kenton County School District--Example "get-ready" slide that Mrs. Daugherty shares in this episodeAbby Weyer, Kindergarten teacher in the Bellevue Independence School District