Welcome to Provincetown

Rococo Punch + Room Tone

Venture into Provincetown, Massachusetts, a two-street beach town at the end of a sand spit, and meet the fascinating people who live there. Welcome to Provincetown encapsulates stories of artistry, sensuality, solitude, and serendipity. Listen to the sounds of hopes and dreams being carried through the summer breeze, the feeling of letting go, and the feeling of going all in. This is a place where you can find yourself or lose yourself.

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Our Editor's Take

Welcome to Provincetown is a podcast about a small beach town in Massachusetts. This documentary-style podcast is full of detailed context, soundbites and clips. These clips from real life build authenticity. They immerse listeners in the true nature of Provincetown. The host, Mitra Kaboli, researches interesting stories and shares them with the world. Her calming and genuine tone carries each episode along. The structure of the podcast allows for clear comprehension.

Enjoyment of each story comes from their unique natures. Each podcast episode follows a different story that inspires connection. It talks about the Summer of Sass program and its work for LGBTQ+ youth. Some episodes discuss the themes of self-discovery. One episode follows a longtime resident of this particular seaside town. Mitra investigates the story of one man and his leisurely life as a part of this unique community. He talks about watching the town change over the years and his activism. Another episode discusses the special events in Provincetown. It demonstrates how this small community comes together to create something special.

Host Mitra brings each story to life on Welcome to Provincetown. The show has detailed descriptions alongside sound effects. Provincetown has a rich culture. It's a joyous place for many locals and travelers. Qya, Sonny, and Kristen are a few of the many people featured in these stories. Listeners follow Mitra as she forms relationships with these people. She lives in the moment of each journey and conducts genuine interviews. Her narrative storytelling and clever editing make this a feel-good podcast. The stories flow seamlessly and highlight their heartfelt energies.

The podcast reveals the hustle and energy of this community and its emphasis on belonging. It demonstrates how a small town creates a safe queer haven for people who feel like they don't belong. Welcome to Provincetown shows that people are what make a place special.

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