Episode 39: Let's Talk About Feelings

Potato Salad Marmalade

Dec 9 2022 • 38 mins

The boys have feelings this week, but they have feelings every week, don't they? Shawn and Carter have been spending a lot of time thinking and some big changes in their lives lead to big thoughts and with that comes much discovery. It's not every day that mental health is discussed on the show, so we take the time to talk about what it is that makes us feel "right" and how we feel about who we are. It's an episode not to be missed.

Also, we talk about the time that the mom of the "friend" with the robotic RC car served Dad dinner.

It's a blast.

HEADS UP: If the frank discussion of the mental health of children is an issue for you, pass this one up, friend. We love you anyway and we'll see you next time. Big hugs.


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