Episode 42: S. Hawn and Jeffrey's Hijinks Take Over: A Solo Adventure

Potato Salad Marmalade

Feb 17 2023 • 25 mins

In this week's episode of Potato Salad Marmalade, Shawn is flying solo as his BFF and co-host Carter is off doing his taxes.

Evidently 9-year-olds file early?

But don't worry, two of the show's most beloved characters, S. Hawn and Jeffrey the Astronaut, step in to help him out.

As always, the trio gets up to their usual antics, but things take a turn for the worse when Omnopcorp, the company known for its cringe-worthy commercials, threatens to ruin the show with its latest ad. Will Shawn, S. Hawn, and Jeffrey be able to keep the show on track despite Omnopcorp's interference?

Expect plenty of zany humor, unexpected twists, and laugh-out-loud moments in this week's episode. Whether you're a longtime fan of Potato Salad Marmalade or a first-time listener, you're in for a treat. Tune in to see what kind of madness Shawn and his co-hosts get up to next!

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