Episode 2905: ANGEL OF THE STORM by Larry Higdon

This Week in America with Ric Bratton

Apr 11 2024 • 21 mins

Angel Of The Storm by Larry Higdon

They called him "Bad News" Johnson. His life consisted of heavy drinking, self pity, and violence. He reluctantly agreed to transport his best friend's granddaughter and her pets from Atlanta to Augusta. Little did he realize that this trip would provide the catalyst for a complete reassessment of his life.

His ex-wife, Katy Nguyen, worked as an elementary school counselor until her school was demolished by a tornado. Eventually she was assigned to the most dilapidated school in the state, which faculty often referred to as "The School from Hell." At this elementary school her life entered a downward spiral comprised of leaking and exposed overhead pipes, busted windows, rats, and a principal who cared only about test scores. Katy must navigate her way out of the depression that her life circumstances have caused.

WHEN LARRY HIGDON wrote ANGEL OF THE STORM, he was working as an elementary school counselor with kindergarten and first graders and was a registered play therapist. He is also a lawyer. LARRY has lived most of his life in metropolitan Atlanta.





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