TM 34: A Fitness Beginner's Guide

Becoming The Hero

Mar 26 2020 • 19 mins

Welcome back to the 34th episode of the Thursday Meditations show! Before we get to the show - give me some feedback: ( Since March is the month of fitness for the podcast, this episode is a guide for beginners in the fitness realm. This is a guide meant for those who consider themselves as Level 0. It’s supposed to be very simple, but still actionable. If you find yourself as someone who is much more advanced than these steps, I’d recommend looking for basic principles in today’s show. Don’t forget that the most important part is just doing something. Do 10 pushups or body squats right now Grab a notebook Write down your goals Measure your current metrics Weight Mile run Etc.. Schedule your routine Craft a routine (plan the actual workouts) Track everything *** Show sponsors: OneMission Nutrition: ( *** Thanks for listening.  Did you find value from listening to this episode? If yes: 1. Share the podcast with one person. 2. Reach out to me on ( Facebook) & ( Instagram). 3. Leave a rating & a review. 4. Subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss any episode. 5. Share our campaign to raise $1k for OUR. Here’s the link: ( 6. Buy one of our Shirts ( Again thanks so much for listening, & stay tuned to next week. Keep doing Hard Things, & Keep Overcoming Average. --- Support this podcast: ( in this episode: Post Launch Pre Roll Hey, there adventurer! I appreciate you taking the time to do an investigation check and dig into the archives of the show. I want you to know that this is an old episode back when the show was called The Hard Thing Podcast. The topics are still the same, though the format and some of the names are different. If you’re coming back to The Hard Thing Podcast, well surprise! We changed our name and some of our branding. Feel free to hang out in the archives and listen to the wonderful old episode of the Hard Thing Podcast, or take on a new adventure by listening to some of our current episodes. Either way, happy adventuring.