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Slated to Discuss is a podcast exploring trends, developments, and issues shaping the world of real estate and infrastructure, hosted by Slate Asset Management, a global real estate investor and asset manager targeting real assets. The podcast will feature an exciting lineup of thought leaders, trailblazers, and industry movers and shakers interviewed by a rotation of Slate business leaders. Listeners will hear original, forward-thinking, and even unconventional perspectives on issues ranging from city building and the North American housing crisis, to renewable energy, vertical farming, sustainability in the built environment, policy issues, and more. In our first season, Slated to Discuss will deliver timely sustainability insights from Managing Director and Global Head of ESG, Bozena Jankowska, where we will delve into real estate issues and happenings that other industry leaders will find valuable, original, and compelling. From sustainability strategies and solutions, CO2 emission targets, climate change, and resilient construction, we will initiate compelling conversations on content we believe is worth learning about. Slate Asset Management is a global alternative investment platform targeting real assets. We are creatives, collaborators, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are looking to make a difference in the communities we invest in. Our team is eager to create value, and this is seen in the ways we seek out opportunities that we truly care about and offer solutions and perspectives that others may not. To learn more about Slate, explore our firm’s real estate, infrastructure, and securities capabilities, and connect with us to further discuss any of the topics we touch on in our podcast, head to read less
Blueprints for a Greener Tomorrow: Unravelling Architecture’s Impact on Sustainability
Nov 16 2023
Blueprints for a Greener Tomorrow: Unravelling Architecture’s Impact on Sustainability
In our second episode of Slated to Discuss, we convene three leading industry experts to discuss how sustainable architecture is playing a key role in the transition towards a low carbon, climate resilient, and resource efficient built environment.Steven Paynter is the Global Leader of Building Transformation and Adaptive Reuse at Gensler. Widely regarded as an industry leader, he focuses on unlocking the value of Class B & C buildings by converting them to residential, shaping the future of cities, the design of post-pandemic office buildings, and led high-rise mass timber projects with Google and Sidewalk Labs for five years.Weston Walker is a Design Principal and Partner at Studio Gang. With over 15 years tenure at Studio Gang, Weston's expertise spans scales and typologies, having designed cultural and educational institutions, complex civic buildings, and towers across the Americas. He is currently leading Slate’s development project – and Studio Gang’s first project in Canada – One Delisle in Toronto.Todd Douglas is the Senior Landscape Architect at Janet Rosenburg & Studio. As a licensed landscape architect with over 10 years of experience with JRS, Todd has designed and built complex public and private realm landscapes in Toronto. He is also a sessional lecturer and studio course leader at the University of Toronto’s Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design.Tune in to hear how sustainably driven architectural design concepts can create spaces that connect us to nature, the challenges architects face when stiving to implement sustainable design, the ingenious approaches they deploy to overcome them, and what is on the horizon.Follow our guests on social media:Steven Paynter: Douglas: Walker: