TaPod - We Talk Talent Acquisition.


Join hosts - Lauren Sharp & Craig Watson as we explore the wonderful and wacky world of Talent Acquisition. Speaking with TA leaders, Industry suppliers and even those from the 'Agency Dark Side' we will explore challenges, changes and confusion in a world that is crying out for a voice. We aim to be informative... a little controversial... with a touch of crazy. Join us... won't you?

Episode 150 - The incomparable Hung Lee joins us for the BIG 150!Episode 149 - What's your plan for Candidate Shortages? We may have a Solution...Episode 148 - Internal Mobility & 'Sprint Learning' @Energy AustraliaEpisode 147  - What's the deal with Deel?Episode 146 - LinkedIn... Content, Profiles & straight up Identity Theft!Episode 145 - How Canva does Candidate Experience...Episode 144 - Onboarding Done Right!Episode 143 - Bas van de Haterd - Professional Snoop & Dutch MasterEpisode 142 - Once you get them into your business - how do you keep them?Episode 141 - David Creelman talks Application Abandonment.Episode 140 - We Talk Tech with Trang, Derek & AdamEpisode 139 - CX in a Candidate Short Market - with Omer Molad @VervoeEpisode 138 - Hands Up if you're doing Employer Branding well... Didn't think so...Episode 137 - What happens when you put Hassanah Rudd, Edan Haddock & Rebecca Houghton in a room?Episode 136 - Bill Boorman Returns to talk 'Extreme Networking'Episode 135 - Michael Dobbie - Paralympian - on what Businesses can do to Close the Disability Employment GapEpisode 134 - We talk Globalization Partners... Are you ready?Episode 133 - Canva wins Enterprise Talent Team of the Year! with Amy Schultz & Rich Lewis-JonesEpisode 132 - Pam Stroud - Enterprise Talent Leader of the Year with Gareth FlynnEpisode 131 - Jo Barr Head of Talent @ Cotton On - How are we going to deal with 2022?