Jill Burk - Live Life Fully

Mister Radio

May 16 2024 • 27 mins

Imagine waking up so groggy that you can barely make your morning coffee when all of a sudden an apparition dressed in a gaudy outfit appears on your living room couch and commences to organize the rest of your life. Well, that apparition is Aurora and she’s come to council Helen a robustly healthy seventy-two-year-old who will soon realize that she has a lot to learn from Aurora, who for the next few weeks will be her "Guardian Godmother Guide to the Happiness of Organization". Such is the creative plot to a book written by today’s guest who is also a publisher at Savour Europe, a magazine for travelers planning to make Europe their home for 3-6 months a year, a writer of narrative non-fiction as well as since 2007 the Chief Executive Officer for Your Health Span http://www.yourhealthspan.ca and currently serves as Director of Outreach for MagCast. Aurora and Helen are characters from her book “Live Life Fully” and it is my pleasure to welcome the books author Jill Burk to our show.