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EMDR Therapy with Native Americans/First Nation Peoples
Jul 15 2022
EMDR Therapy with Native Americans/First Nation Peoples
Yes, EMDR therapy works for indigenous people. If you heard that myth, this episode will bust it and others.  Can EMDR therapy make a difference so that you can process your past trauma and racism? Many Native American/FNMI people experience ongoing complex, complicated traumatic experiences similar to PTSD due to the Residential School/Boarding School era, intergenerational trauma, racial inequality, and ongoing oppressive systems within Turtle Island, known as North America. Listen to EMDR Therapist Shelley Spear Chief discuss her EMDR therapy experience and approach to helping people heal.  Resources mentioned:  The "Loving Eyes" procedure can be found in the book published by Springer Publishing Company: "EMDR Toolbook, 2nd Edition, Theory and Treatment of Complex PTSD and Dissociation," by Jim Knipe, Ph.D. EMDRIA members receive a 25% discount on Springer Publishing Company books. Her new book, “Eagle Wings Flapping: Beaver Learns to Manage Big Emotions,” by Shelly and Moses Spear Chief, will be available through Amazon in late August. July is also BIPOC Mental Health Month. We celebrate our EMDRIA member BIPOC therapists who serve all populations but provide expertise for minorities.Learn more about EMDR therapy at www.emdria.org.EMDRIA's Find an EMDR Therapist Directory provides listings for more than 12,000 EMDR therapists.Read or subscribe to our award-winning blog, Focal Point, an open resource on EMDR therapy.Follow @EMDRIA on Twitter. Connect with EMDRIA on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube Channel.Musical soundtrack, Acoustic Motivation 11290, supplied royalty-free by Pixabay.