Impostor Syndrome

In The Bunker

May 20 2022 • 29 mins

In this episode Kris Kelso and Joshua Maddux talk about the struggled of Impostor Syndrome. This really hits home as a small business owner and launching this podcast. This episode is packed full of awesome notes and takeaways.

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Our episode highlights:

  • Change the definition of failure
  • Vulnerability - you have to open up to overcome Imposter syndrome.
  • Humble confidence - Be aware of your limitations, but know that you can learn and grow.

Bio: Kris Kelso is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and is the author of “Overcoming The Impostor: Silence Your Inner Critic and Lead with Confidence“.

Trained and certified as an executive coach, Kris has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, and their leadership teams. He is a faculty instructor at the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, an advisor and instructor at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, a Facilitator / Coach with The Alternative Board, and is a contributing writer for publications including Fast Company Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and The Nashville Business Journal.

Kris has founded multiple companies and has served on the boards of directors of several non-profit organizations. He is an active member of Cornerstone Nashville, where he serves, teaches, and coaches other leaders. He lives with his wife and three teenaged sons in a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee.


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