The Necessity Of Starting A Business

In The Bunker

Feb 2 2024 • 21 mins


In this episode of "In The Bunker," we're joined by Christopher Velona, CEO of CSG Consulting. Christopher discusses the unique challenges of being a single dad to a child with a rare disease while trying to grow his consulting business. He shares his journey of starting a business out of necessity, his continuous struggle with client acquisition, and the importance of family during these trying times.

Our episode highlights:

  • Christopher's personal story of becoming a stay-at-home single father and starting his business.
  • The ongoing challenge of attracting clients in a competitive digital marketing landscape.
  • Insights into balancing family life, particularly with a child requiring special care, and professional responsibilities.
  • Advice for entrepreneurs and business owners facing similar personal and professional challenges.


Christopher Velona is an experienced professional in sales, marketing, branding, and consulting. His journey includes overcoming personal and professional adversities while supporting his family and managing his son's rare disease. Christopher's expertise extends to outside sales territory management and leadership, with a compassionate approach to helping others.


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