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E63 | Senior Year (Film)E62 | Our Father (Documentary)
After a woman's at-home DNA test reveals multiple half-siblings, she discovers a shocking scheme involving donor sperm and a popular fertility doctorA total of 94 cline siblings were discovered  or found during  the production  of this documentary which means the number could increase.44 other Fertility  doctors  have a similar  situation  or moral crime as Don cline.Director Lucie Jourdan’s “Our Father,” a frustrating, tawdry documentary, rips a headline for trashy dramatic beats of an Indianapolis fertility doctor who inseminated an untold number of women with his sperm. The physician in question, Donald Cline, didn’t ask the women for their permission. They continued with their lives believing their child’s father was an unnamed medical student or their respective husband. Decades later, though, through the DNA test 23andMe, the now-grown children are not only discovering unknown half siblings, they’re learning that Cline is their father. Much of the film is told through the eyes of Jacoba Ballard. Because of her blonde hair and blue eyes, in a family of brunettes, she always wondered about her origins. After using 23andMe, she found seven other half-siblings and began connecting the dots, ultimately spearheading the search for other siblings. Deeper, darker secrets are also revealed, like how the doctor would slip away to his office to masturbate while his female patient sat desperate and vulnerable—both emotionally and physically—in an adjoining room. The story carries an inherent grotesqueness, ready-made to churn the stomach. But Jourdan uses hackneyed techniques, often undermining, and worst yet, trivializing these crimes. Throughout the documentary, a rolling number keeps track of how many children are discovered by Ballard. It’s a necessary breadcrumb for the viewer. The unnecessary part, however, springs from the sound of a man moaning whenever the number increases. In a film produced by Blumhouse, surely, the sound effect stems from a horror conceit. But in a documentary about a man masturbating, it's tasteless.Jourdan struggles to let the tragic stories shared by these men and women to breathe. A jagged and eerie score adds an unnecessary, overbearing mood and tone to their recounting. Staged scenes of Ballard dressed in a red hoodie, hunched over her computer as a web of papers and photos surround her, are closer to comical than serious. And the obvious reenactments of an actor playing Cline in scenes with the real-life Ballard are strained, at best; amateurish at worst. At every turn, Jourdan is determined to relegate this crime to a tacky TruTV documentary. For much of the film, the primary question eating at the victims is “why?”—what would drive Cline to inseminate these women? A conspiracy theory offered by one victim points toward cultish origins. While religion plays a large role with Cline, Jourdan isn’t at all interested in parsing how Cline used his spirituality to absolve himself. Nor does she really delve into the inadequacy of rape laws. In fact, the best minute of the film arises when the state’s prosecutor and a law scholar explain why charges couldn’t be brought against the doctor. Partially because while a clause in Indiana law could result in charges, the inherent bias jurors have against women in cases not considered “clear” instances of rape would make the prospects of any prosecution untenable. Rather than dive through those nuances, Jourdan pushes quack theories that do the narrative little good. The whole picture slows to a crawl under the weight of these extraneous tangents, making one wish a clearer thesis dominated the proceedings.   This movie is strongest when it focuses on the victims: the mothers like Liz White and Dianna Kiesler, and their children. In this plastic documentary, they’re the only tangible link to reality. Each recollection from a mother—explaining their want for a baby, their joy of having one, and their heartbreak and disgust discovering how their desires were leveraged for this doctor’s jollies—renders palpable empathy. Likewise for the now adults dealing with unmoored self-identities, health ailments, and despair. Angela Ganote of Fox59, the one person who believed these women, who went out of their way to investigate Cline, imbues this unyielding documentary with additional gravitas whenever she speaks about her research. None of those components, unfortunately, can overcome a movie too interested in manifesting trending topics over telling an alarming, gut-wrenching story with respect. While what Cline did and the fight his victims took to find justice is a truth worth knowing and learning, Jourdan’s crass documentary isn’t the best vehicle for such weighty material.   ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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E61 | The TakeDown (Film)E60 | Bullsh*t the game show ( Reality tv)
Bullsh*t The Gameshow is all about people bullshitting and how accurate other people are at detecting the bullshit. Contestants in the “hot seat” (which Mandel points out doesn’t even have a chair) answer ten trivia questions; the amount they can win with each question increases, and if they get all ten they win $1 million.But if they don’t know the answer to the question, they can pick a different one and try to convince the other three contestants that their answer is the right one. The other three contestants pick whether the hot seat player is bullshitting or not. If the hot seat contestant gets the answer right, they go on to the next question no matter what the other three contestants say. But if they’re bullshitting, at least one of the other three contestants has to believe them for the contestant to move on. Before each round, Mandel asks them whether the hot seat player wants to move on and risk their winnings or go home with the money won to that point.There are also the matter of “locks”, where the contestant can lock in a prize level; even if they get knocked out, they will go home with the money they lock in. The second and final lock has to be used at minimum three levels above the first locked that was used.Here’s where the three bullshit detector contestants come in: When a hot seat player gets knocked out, goes home or wins it all, the most accurate of the BS detector contestants is the next person to stand in the hot seat position.Bullsh*t The Gameshow is a bit strange because its concept is simple and complicated at the same time. How is that possible? Well, on the surface, it’s about people lying and other people trying to detect the lie. But when you start getting into the money ladder and the shenanigans with locks and what determines who stays and goes, and who ends up in the hot seat, the show gets bogged down with all of those details.Which is why it’s fortunate that the show’s producers and contestant coordinators have made a conscious effort to find contestants that are beyond being merely enthusiastic. They are damn close to being performers; they’re bantering with Mandel, giving performative monologues when they talk about their decision on whether they voted for BS or not.Of course, you need some degree of performance skills in order to be a believable bullshitter, but it feels like the format is such a slog that, if it weren’t for both the contestants’ personalities and Mandel’s constant goofing around, the show would fall flat on its face. We did appreciate that the less dramatic questions — like one where everyone thinks the hot seat player was right — were skipped through. But the pacing is still a little too slow.The money ladder is also a bit flawed, mainly because the contestant has the ability to lock in an as soon as they get past the first, $1000 rung. Listen, $1000 is better than nothing, but it takes a little of the element of risk out, especially when the contestant uses their final lock 3 levels up, at $50k. It feels like most contestants will not take the risk and do the same two locks over and over, which is likely not what the producers intended. We also wonder how many people would really roll the dice on the $1 million level when they’re at $750k.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Apr 29 2022
6 mins
E59 | Silverton Siege ( Film)
Think of the thriller “Silverton Siege” as a South African “Dog Day Afternoon” — a hostage situation, a bank surrounded and a tense stand-off with potent political implications.Director Mandla Dube and a superb cast deliver a tight and tense true story that hews to genre formula because that’s what hostage thrillers all do. There are just a couple of ways this all ends, after all.But stars Thabo Ramatesi, Noxolo Dlamini and Stefan Erasmus animate a wildly-improvised 1980 day of political terrorism, designed to “make this country ungovernable,” tumbling into Plan C after Plan A is aborted and Plan B — their escape — is foiled. And with his first produced screenplay, Sabelo Mgidi makes a wry, raw comment on the delusions of “racial purity” at a moment when Apartheid finally started to crack.Four “freedom fighters” were set to blow up the tanks at a huge fuel storage facility. But cagey, experienced Calvin Khumalo (Rametesi) smells a trap just before it springs. They escape in their van, only to be chased all over Pretoria, losing one of their number in the process.Captain Langerman (veteran South African heavy Arnold Vosloo) has them cornered, at last. That’s when they storm into a bank, take its diverse population of racially segregated customers hostage, and try to bargain their way out.Things get really interesting when their negotiated escape goes wrong, and Khumalo decides that whatever transpires, this just became bigger than these three and their hostages.“What’s the price of freedom? EVERYTHING.”The “true story” angle immunizes the picture — somewhat — from any tendency to mutter “Oh come on!” Some of the sermonizing you have to figure was invented, the “non violence” ethos declared by the freedom fighters sanitizes them and as character names were changed, other elements aren’t the literal truth.There’s an African American boxing promoter (Shane Wellington) in line, irked at overt racism by some Boer on the staff — “I ‘m from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I deal with dumbass rednecks all the time!” — and even more irked when the freedom fighters threaten his safety, his livelihood and his bedazzled briefcase full of cash.“We have an American citizen in here,” slows the roll of the police, with an officious martinet who has his own SWAT team showing up.A priest, a South Asian man, a woman of mixed-race “passing” and a bank supervisor (Elani Dekker) with her own complicated racial history are among the other hostages. And some bull-necked bigot bank security chief figures he gets to decide who is “white?”That adds weight to a movie that does well enough with the standard hostage drama situations — bickering amongst the hostage takers, “Stockholm Syndrome” with a hint of racial tolerance to it among the hostages, escalating stakes as demands are met or delayed.Ramatesi, Dlamini as the female firebrand Terra and “pregnant wife” gunman Aldo (Erasmus) are terrific leads, giving us layered characters with competing agendas in a generally brisk and taut tale.“Silverton” may be more on-the-nose with its messaging than in its literal history. But making his second feature film, Dube gets a heroic yarn out of a fairly conventional genre piece and sets a couple of fresh faces up for stardom in the process. After all, “Dog Day Afternoon” was fictionalized, too.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Apr 28 2022
10 mins
E58 | Stranger Things (series) (bonus episode - {Early mid-life crisis podcast}E57 | One of us is lying (series)
●One of us is lying is a murder mystery novel written by Karen M. McManus. The is about five students who enter detention but only four leave alive. It is up to those four to find out who murdered Simon Kelleher. ●Simon Kelleher, Nate McCauley, Cooper Clay, Bronwyn Rojas and Addelaide Prentiss enter detention after being framed by having phones in their bags. ●They are discussing stereo types for each of them, and Simon says, ‘I’m the omniscient narrator.’ He takes a sip of ‘water’ and starts to have an allergic reaction. Later Bronwyn gets a call saying Simon has died.●The four students get the nickname the ‘The murder club', and are constantly being interviewed by the police. The Murder club put all the clues together with the help of Maeve, Bronwyn’s younger sister, who hacks into the admin page for About that. ●The story starts on September 24th and ends on February 15th making the story last for four months and twenty-one days. The ending was ordinary and boring, and the opening was slow with lots of detail and dialogue. The main characters are Cooper, Addy, Bronwyn and Nate.●They are all very different in the way they act and their personality. The characters aren’t described in much detail. I found Cooper the most interesting, but Bronwyn was the most sympathetic. Addy changed throughout the story starting of as a typical high school popular girl and then ended with a cooler style. The story was written in first person, and this was very important as the perspective was constantly changing. ●The story was good because the plot was basic, and the characters made the story feel real. My favourite moment in the story was when the murder club found out who was running About that after Simon’s death because all the pieces came together perfectly. ●The ending could have been improved because it was slow and there was a build up for nothing. If I could change the end, I would make it so that the build-up effected the ending. ●But maybe not all hope is lost.. since a second season  of the show is in production  and will soon be available  for your viewing  pleasure..★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Apr 19 2022
7 mins
E56 | Love and Leaches ( Film)
Love never hurt so good for two co-workers who enter a contractual relationship as partners in consensual play, pleasure and pain."Love and Leashes" fills an important void in the romantic drama and comedy scene, especially after the debable which was "50 Shades of Gray". The movie offers a heartfelt and fresh take on BDSM-centered relationships while managing to explain some of the most basic concepts even to those who may be unfamiliar with BDSM. BDSM-centered movies are already few and far between, but what's even rarer are those interested in portraying a healthy BDSM relationship between consenting adults, as BDSM has a long history to excuse and explain away toxic relationships. Such is not the case here, as "Love and Leashes" really wants to write home about its message that there is nothing wrong to enjoy BDSM as long as it's done consensually and that real life BDSM has often little to nothing to do with what is portrayed in the porn industry. However, as much as "Love and Leashes" wants to push for a BDSM-positive message, it ultimately fails to deliver a compelling story without regurgitating the typical romantic comedy and drama tropes we've already seen a million times before, all the way down to the identity switch situation. Most notably, I wish "Love and Leashes" would have told us more about its side characters, something the movie does surprisingly well, as antagonists like Hana show up but never create the conflict she was intended to cause. I give it 3/5 because I think "Love and Leashes" wants to send an important message and that it does do some things right, such as the chemistry between the two main leads and its questioning of gender norms and how they impact our approach towards romantic and sexual relationships, but unfortunately "Love and Leashes" stops there, ultimately leaving the viewer with a shallow feeling. Would "Love and Leashes" be a bit less reliant on your typical romcom tropes and really focus on its central themes, I believe it would have more successfully told us the story about the importance that human sexuality is messy and complex and that we're all allowed to like whatever we like as long as it's between two or more consenting adults.Extra info BDSM is a term used to describe aspects of sex that involve dominance, submission, and control. The practice typically involves one partner taking on a more dominant role during sex, while the other is more submissive. The acronym BDSM can be divided into these categories:  Bondage: Restricting a partner’s freedom of movement, for example, with ropes, handcuffs, or other restraints  Discipline: Agreed upon rules and punishments for a dominant partner to exert control over a submissive partner Dominance: The act of showing dominance over a physical partner, either during sex or outside of the bedroom Submission: The act of showing submission to the dominant partner's actions and wishes Sadism and Masochism (or Sadomasochism): Pleasure that a partner may feel from either inflicting pain (sadism) or receiving pain (masochism), either physical or emotionalWhile these are the broader categories, there is no one way to practice BDSM — different types can include power play, role-playing, pain play, bondage, wax play, edging, sensory deprivation, or humiliation. According to a 2016 study, nearly 47% of women and 60% of men have fantasized about dominating someone in a sexual context. The same study found that BDSM sex was slightly more prevalent in couples on the LGBTQ spectrum, but researchers otherwise determined that BDSM sex was practiced across different ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Apr 14 2022
12 mins
E55 | Return to space (Documentary)
Return to Space is an American documentary film made for Netflix and directed by Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi. Its story follows Elon Musk's and SpaceX engineers' two-decade mission to send NASA astronauts back to the International Space Station and revolutionize space travel.●Surprisingly good.●The storytelling, ●editing and flashbacks are fantastic.I am no expert, but I love to look at stars, moon, clouds and sunset. I have never had a conversation involve Elon Musk and thought this document about him. But it wasn’t. With some appearances here and there, Elon Musk appears to be very passionate, funny, charming and driven. I also like how they allow the scientists and other astronauts to share their thoughts, families rather touching.well done. I learn a lot. I feel smarter too. HahahTruly heart touching and overwhelming to watch spaceX achieve this kind of milestone and gaining a great success in the history of human space flight.i really hope one day flying through space would be accessible to everyone,which is still a dream of many space lovers.Amazing! If all the wealthy people would aim for perfectionism, would have passion for science, respect for humankind, and hunger for knowledge...●Just goosebumps every minute, ●it has emotions, ●mystery and everything packed in for a nerd of space.Some cool facts and theory ▪︎The Space Shuttle program finished with its last mission, STS-135 flown by Atlantis, in July 2011, retiring the final Shuttle in the fleet. The Space Shuttle program formally ended on August 31, 2011.▪︎While reentering Earth's atmosphere, Columbia broke apart, killing the entire crew. All of these factors — high costs, slow turnaround, few customers, and a vehicle (and agency) that had major safety problemsAstronauts often say the reasons humans haven't returned to the lunar surface are budgetary and political hurdles, not scientific or technical challenges. ▪︎Private companies like Blue Origin and SpaceX may be the first entities to return people to the moon▪︎SpaceX was formed by entrepreneur Elon Musk in the hopes of revolutionizing the aerospace industry and making affordable spaceflight a reality. The company entered the arena with the Falcon 1 rocket, a two-stage liquid-fueled craft designed to send small satellites into orbit.▪︎SpaceX scored its first big headline in 2010, when it became the first private company to launch a payload into orbit and return it to Earth intact—something only government agencies like NASA or Russia's Roscosmos had done before. Its upright landing and recovery of the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket on Dec.▪︎Since 2010, SpaceX has been flying Falcon 9, a rocket with a reusable booster that has become one of the most dominant launch vehicles in global spaceflight. Starship is the next generation, designed as a gigantic and fully reusable rocket system that could cost less and fly more often▪︎Blue Origin has been flight testing the New Shepard rocket and its redundant safety systems since 2012. The program has had 18 successful consecutive missions including three successful escape tests, showing the crew escape system can activate safely in any phase of flight.▪︎Douglas Gerald Hurley is an American engineer, former Marine Corps pilot and former NASA astronaut. He piloted space shuttle missions STS-127 and STS-135, the final flight of the space shuttle program▪︎ Karen LuJean Nyberg is an American mechanical engineer and retired NASA astronaut. Nyberg became the 50th woman in space on her first mission in 2008. Nyberg started her space career in 1991 and spent a total of 180 days in space in 2008 and 2013 (Doug and Karen are a married  and are astronauts.)▪︎Katherine Megan McArthur is an American oceanographer, engineer, and NASA astronaut. She has served as a Capsule Communicator for both the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. Megan McArthur has flown one space shuttle mission, STS-125 and one SpaceX mission, SpaceX Crew-2 on Crew Dragon Endeavour. ▪︎Robert Louis Behnken is a NASA astronaut, engineer, and former Chief of the Astronaut Office. Behnken holds a Ph.D in mechanical engineering and the rank of colonel in the U.S. Air Force, where he served before joining NASA in 2000(Rob and Katherine  are married  and are also Astronauts) Check out the episode  visuals on YouTube ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Apr 12 2022
16 mins
E54 | Yaksha: Ruthless operations ( 야차; RR: Yacha) (Film)E53 | The Bubble (Film)
This is a Covid-19 era comedy about a year too late into the pandemic. Not their fault, the production of a movie takes some time. There are enough funny moments and good bits to keep you entertained but the covid jokes are over played and laid on heavy. I think this would be a more enjoyable and much more funny viewing further removed from the Corona Virus experience. Watch if you want a new comedy without needing to remain focused. Super Side Note: I really would love to watch the movie they’re filming, “Cliff Beasts 6: The Battle for Everest: Memories of the Requiem”.THE PLOT OF THE FILMFollowing a problematic film role that nearly destroyed her career, actress Carol Cobb is given the opportunity to revive her reputation by reluctantly reprising her role as the heroic Dr. Lacey Nightingale in the sixth installment of the wildly popular ''Cliff Beasts'' franchise: ''Cliff Beasts 6: Battle for Everest: Memories of a Requiem''. Carol had turned down appearing in the fifth film in favor of doing the aforementioned panned role, and she fears that her former ''Cliff Beasts'' castmates may hold a grudge against her for abandoning them and the franchise. One of the first major film productions to begin shooting amidst the [[COVID-19 pandemic]], the ''Cliff Beasts'' cast arrive at a swanky English hotel and must self-quarantine for two weeks prior to the shoot. During these two weeks, Carol slowly loses her sanity being stuck in her room. After this period is over, a welcome back party is organized for the cast and crew. Here, Carol happily reunites with co-stars Dustin, Howie and Sean but has an awkward meeting with Lauren, the only ''Cliff Beasts'' co-star that appears bitter after Carol's abandonment. The party also welcomes two series newcomers, Dieter, a respected, but indifferent veteran actor, and Krystal, a young [[TikTok]] sensation brought in to attract a younger demographic. The latter quickly forms an alliance with Carla, a deadpan on-set production assistant who's around her age. Director Darren Eigan, an enthusiastic, but frazzled indie filmmaker tries to boost team morale and make the shoot something special but comes off as pretentious. Darren clashes with leading man Dustin, who constantly bombards Darren with revised versions of the film's script to fit his own vision. Dieter harbors a crush on Anika, the hotel's sweet front desk clerk, and hits on her. She responds that she’s interested but wants to build a proper relationship with him first before jumping into sex.Shooting begins and for the first few days, everything appears to be going according to plan. Sean humorously learns to fly a helicopter up and down. However, a rocky series of events occur that repeatedly delay the production even further. During a group meditation session, Howie succumbs to paranoia and quits the film in a panic. As a result, Howie's ''Cliff Beasts'' character is killed off in a gruesome display. Bored in the hotel, Krystal and Carla sneak out and go partying in the city. This gains traction online and gets Krystal [[cancelled]] for her behavior, losing her a large portion of followers. Later the cast tests positive for [[influenza]], linked to a delivery girl who had brought them all their coffee. Despite their sicknesses, the studio forces them to film, leading to them all violently vomiting during an intense shoot. The cast is told to self-quarantine yet again. Introduced is the mysterious Mr. Best, who claims to be the head of a new security team sent by the studio to watch over the cast and the film's production.While in the hotel, Carol’s boyfriend breaks up with her over the phone. A dejected Carol ends up encountering a handsome member of a football team who's residing at the hotel. Carol nearly has a fling with him before he reveals he's married and that he already has multiple girlfriends and mistresses. And things get even worse for Carol from there. When the shoot starts back up again she realizes that almost all of her character's dialogue and actions have been either given to Krystal or omitted. Humiliated after shooting a scene where Dr. Lacey urinates in fear, Carol suspects this is the studio’s way of getting back at her for leaving the franchise. Carol has a heart-to-heart with Darren and tells him of her concerns, Darren promises to talk to the higher-ups about giving Carol her dialogue back but this backfires. Lauren tries to escape from the hotel in a frenzy one night. Mr. Best's men graphically shoot one of her hands off, leaving her in the hospital for the remainder of the shoot. Mr. Best claims that his men thought Lauren was a crazed fan that had wandered onto the premises, but the cast theorizes that Mr. Best himself is the crazed fan who wants them to complete the movie by any means necessary. Infuriated, Carol tries to rally together her castmates and fight for their rights as workers.One night, the remaining cast take drugs together and bond over the grievances they've been having not only with the shoot but also with themselves. Shortly afterwards, they film an elaborate dancing TikTok with Krystal. During this Dieter collapses due to the drugs. The cast quickly works together in an attempt to revive him but to no avail. However, Anika manages to revive him, cementing their relationship. This event inspires Carol, noticing the cast’s long forgotten effective teamwork. The reinvigorated friendship proves strong and they organize a getaway plan. As they shoot the climax, Dustin creates a distraction by clashing with Darren about the script revisions while the rest of the cast members leave the set and try to avoid getting caught by Mr. Best and his men. Carla reveals she was a studio mole put in place to befriend Krystal and spy on the cast, leading to a livestreamed fistfight between the two girls. Meanwhile, Carol is chased down and nearly caught by a relentless Mr. Best but is saved at the last moment when Howie returns and incapacitates Mr. Best with a crossbow. The cast meets up at the helipad, calling upon an unsure Sean to fly them out. A furious Darren tries to stop them from leaving, only to be knocked out by Dustin. Inside the helicopter they find Anika, who hopes to run away with Dieter, an offer he happily accepts. Sean is able to get the helicopter up off the ground but doesn't know how to fly it forward. With encouragement from the rest of the crew, Sean successfully flies the helicopter away from the hotel as the ''Cliff Beasts'' cast celebrate their victory.Two years later, a behind the scenes documentary detailing the troubled production and crazy antics on the set entitled ''Beasts of the Bubble'' is released to rave reviews and praise from the public. While Carol is described as "the villain" of the film, she's proud of the project. Dieter and Anika's relationship is still strong. Lauren is seen to be in good spirits, having been fitted with a robotic hand. Meanwhile, Darren is signed on to direct a movie based on [[Skittles (confectionery)|Skittles]] candy.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Apr 7 2022
7 mins
E52 | Trust no one: The hunt for the Crypto to king (Documentary)E51 | The cuphead show (Series)E50 | The Principles of Pleasure ( Documentary- Series)E49 | Bridgerton (Series)
While the series' first season focused on Daphne Bridgerton and her relationship with the Duke, Simon Basset, they are only just one part of the Bridgerton universe. Based on the bestselling Bridgerton novels by Julia Quinn, the story actually goes on to explore the lives of all eight Bridgerton children, meaning there's an endless amount of narrative for a second season—and hopefully another six!As for this season, the show based its plot on the next book in the series: The Viscount Who Loved Me, which follows Anthony Bridgerton's love triangle between his bride-to-be and her older sister, Kate Sheffield.For eagle-eyed fans who spotted the bee at in the season finale, they will know how in the second book, Anthony becomes Viscount Bridgerton only after his dad dies suddenly from a bee sting. And throughout the rest of the novel, bees become an important part of the story as Anthony's love interest, Kate Sheffield, gets stung by one later on in the book, preparing us for Anthony's storyline for season two.▪︎In season 2, the eldest Bridgerton child applies the intensity he showed during his sister Daphne's season to his own search for a bride. Once he decides on Edwina Sharma as his future bride, he has to deal with Kate, and finds himself drawn to the elder Sharma even though she infuriates him.▪︎Arriving in London from India, Kate has one goal: to find a suitable match for her younger sister, Edwina, and then settle into life as an unmarried woman. That mission gets very complicated when she crosses paths with Viscount Anthony Bridgerton.▪︎Shy, kind-hearted Edwina gets thrown into London society with a boost after Queen Charlotte names her "the diamond of the season." She develops quite a crush on Anthony Bridgerton, with her family helping the match move forward.▪︎A year after leading her godson Simon Basset through his courtship with Daphne, Lady Danbury finds herself facilitating another Bridgerton match as the Sharmas' sponsor for the season. Lucky for us, that also means the return of the Lady Danbury/Mama Bridgerton friendship.▪︎Proto-feminist Eloise enters society this season, and though she still thinks that societal courtship is ridiculous, she's quite nervous about all the presentations and fashion-forward balls. She's also still on Whistledown's tail, after the season 1 finale's near miss, which puts her in the path of handsome printer's apprentice Theo Sharpe.▪︎Queen Charlotte is ready to lead another London social season, Though it is the second year with Whistledown, the queen has a few tricks up her sleeve of how to deal with the gossipmonger and make sure her diamond finds a great match.▪︎Penelope Featherington is quite busy with her double life when season 2 starts, as a new social season means a new round of Whistledown missives. She does have to deal with the dangers of her position, especially since Queen Charlotte is still investigating Whistledown's secret identity.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Mar 27 2022
21 mins
E48 | Rescued by Ruby (Film)
Ruby is an extremely hyperactive half border collie that has been adopted multiple times from the shelter she's been in over the last six months, but always later returned due to an inability to train or control her.Rhode Island state trooper Daniel O'Neil has dreamed of joining the K-9 search and rescue team of the state police. However, he has been rejected seven times and he only has one last chance to qualify before he turns 30.Daniel learns that the K-9 unit has no funds to import any more German Shepherds, the breed usually used in search and rescue teams, and therefore he would not be able to join the program. He finds out his wife Mel(issa) is pregnant with their second child, making him even more determined to go for it. The promotion would also improve his pay and benefits.Pat, an advocate at the shelter, begs her workmate Rick to give Ruby a little more time. He announces that in the evening they will put her down. Dan discovers a K-9 dog doesn't have to be a German Shepherd, but curious, agile and spirited. Then he visits the shelter, and Pat convinces him to adopt Ruby to train her and join the program.The story then follows Dan's attempts to train Ruby, their failures and their successes. They both are high-energy, enthusiastic and have to discover how to work together effectively.Captain Zarella explains that after an entry exam, those accepted do six weeks intensive training. To enter, dog and owner must have the right temperament, focus, calmness and compassion. Ruby does well until finally, impatient, she wiggles free, riling up a bee's nest. Out of the official training, Mel reminds Dan he got through the police academy with dyslexia and hyperactivity, so maybe he should try homeschooling Ruby.At the exam at six weeks, Ruby passes. They wait for months on their junior team, until finally they are needed. Sent to a home where a murder victim is meant to be, Ruby senses human remains, but Dan can't find them. Disappointed, he ignores her, dejected. She runs off during the night, only to have Zarella tell him the remains were found at the scene where Ruby indicated, but buried beneath concrete, Zarella tells Dan it was amazing that Ruby caught the scent, and he should have trusted his K9 partner. Dan frantically searches for Ruby, finally finding her.Dan and Ruby join the search teams seeking Michael, a boy who got lost while hiking. They find him in the rain and dark, and the boy turns out to be Pat's son.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Mar 25 2022
5 mins
E47 | Eternally Confused and Eager for Love (series)E46 | The Adam Project (Flim)
In a dystopian 2050, pilot Adam Reed steals his time jet and escapes through time on a rescue mission to 2018. However, he accidentally crash-lands in 2022 instead where Adam meets his 12-year-old self who is struggling with the recent death of their father Louis. Adam reluctantly enlists his younger self's help to repair his jet and reveals that he is looking for his wife, Laura, who was supposedly killed in a crash while on a mission to 2018.Adam is chased to 2022 by Maya Sorian, the leader of the dystopian world and her lieutenant Christos who attempt to apprehend Adam and take him back to 2050. The Adams are rescued by Laura who reveals that she had escaped an assassination attempt on her and was left stranded in the past. Laura had learned that Sorian had traveled back in time and altered the past in order to give herself control of time travel and the future. Laura urges Adam to travel back to 2018 and destroy time travel, which was created by his father Louis, in order to set things right and save the future. Sorian attacks and Laura sacrifices herself so that the two Adams can escape. Chased by Sorian and with only enough power for one time jump, Adam and his younger self jump back to 2018.In 2018, the two Adams attempt to enlist Louis' help, but he refuses out of concern for the scientific impact on the timestream. The younger Adam confronts his future self about his bitterness and anger and realizes that the source of it is his lingering pain over their father's death. As the two launch an attack to destroy Louis' particle accelerator, Louis changes his mind and joins the mission, having them instead retrieve the hard drive containing the only copy of his algorithm that enables time travel. A battle erupts between the Adams, Louis, Sorian, her younger self, Sorian's soldiers and Christos, resulting in the particle accelerator overloading. Sorian attempts to shoot Louis with an armor-piercing bullet, but the magnetic field of the accelerator instead diverts the bullet, causing it to kill the younger Sorian, erasing Sorian from existence as the Reeds flee.With time travel destroyed and the future set right, Louis chooses not to learn of his own fate and enjoys a game of catch with both versions of his son before the Adams are returned to their own times. In 2022, Adam lets go of his bitterness and anger and reconciles with his mother whom he has been distant from ever since Louis' death. Years later, an adult and much happier Adam meets Laura in a situation mirroring their first meeting in the original timeline.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Mar 12 2022
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E45 | The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure 해적: 도깨비 깃발 ( Film)E44 | The Guardians of Justice (series)