E49 | Bridgerton (Series)

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Mar 27 2022 • 21 mins

While the series' first season focused on Daphne Bridgerton and her relationship with the Duke, Simon Basset, they are only just one part of the Bridgerton universe. Based on the bestselling Bridgerton novels by Julia Quinn, the story actually goes on to explore the lives of all eight Bridgerton children, meaning there's an endless amount of narrative for a second season—and hopefully another six!

As for this season, the show based its plot on the next book in the series: The Viscount Who Loved Me, which follows Anthony Bridgerton's love triangle between his bride-to-be and her older sister, Kate Sheffield.

For eagle-eyed fans who spotted the bee at in the season finale, they will know how in the second book, Anthony becomes Viscount Bridgerton only after his dad dies suddenly from a bee sting. And throughout the rest of the novel, bees become an important part of the story as Anthony's love interest, Kate Sheffield, gets stung by one later on in the book, preparing us for Anthony's storyline for season two.

▪︎In season 2, the eldest Bridgerton child applies the intensity he showed during his sister Daphne's season to his own search for a bride. Once he decides on Edwina Sharma as his future bride, he has to deal with Kate, and finds himself drawn to the elder Sharma even though she infuriates him.
▪︎Arriving in London from India, Kate has one goal: to find a suitable match for her younger sister, Edwina, and then settle into life as an unmarried woman. That mission gets very complicated when she crosses paths with Viscount Anthony Bridgerton.
▪︎Shy, kind-hearted Edwina gets thrown into London society with a boost after Queen Charlotte names her "the diamond of the season." She develops quite a crush on Anthony Bridgerton, with her family helping the match move forward.
▪︎A year after leading her godson Simon Basset through his courtship with Daphne, Lady Danbury finds herself facilitating another Bridgerton match as the Sharmas' sponsor for the season. Lucky for us, that also means the return of the Lady Danbury/Mama Bridgerton friendship.
▪︎Proto-feminist Eloise enters society this season, and though she still thinks that societal courtship is ridiculous, she's quite nervous about all the presentations and fashion-forward balls. She's also still on Whistledown's tail, after the season 1 finale's near miss, which puts her in the path of handsome printer's apprentice Theo Sharpe.
▪︎Queen Charlotte is ready to lead another London social season, Though it is the second year with Whistledown, the queen has a few tricks up her sleeve of how to deal with the gossipmonger and make sure her diamond finds a great match.
▪︎Penelope Featherington is quite busy with her double life when season 2 starts, as a new social season means a new round of Whistledown missives. She does have to deal with the dangers of her position, especially since Queen Charlotte is still investigating Whistledown's secret identity.

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