Entrepreneur’s Resilience: From zero to 112,000 YouTube subscribers (episode #94)

How I Made it in Marketing

Apr 10 2024 • 48 mins

Whatever it is you’re working on and struggling with, don’t pivot too soon. Make sure you give it enough time to work.

For as this episode’s guest explains – resilience pays out.

Frank Spitzer, CEO, Pelecanus, shares the story of how he grew his company’s YouTube channel from zero to 100,000 subscribes, along with many more lesson-filled stories.

Pelecanus has $250,000 in annual revenue. Spitzer manages a team of four employees, along with four freelancers and interns.

Stories (with lessons) about what he made in marketing

Here are some lessons from Spitzer that emerged in our discussion.

  • Taking responsibility leads to rewards
  • Resilience Pays Out: From zero to 112,000 subscribers
  • Embracing honesty can lead to deeper connections, personal growth, and inner peace
  • Dedication shapes an entrepreneurial journey
  • To Achieve Success: Hard work trumps natural talent
  • A good leader stands up for their team

Discussed in this episode

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