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The Print Cast is a podcast about the expanding world of printmaking today. Host Nick Naughton talks with some of the best contemporary printmakers working today, including designers, illustrators, collaborative print artists, commercial printers, letterpress, foil stampers, and even book binders. Nick and his guests talk shop sharing anecdotes, business ideas, and technical tips with listeners everywhere. It's about the print shops, the artists, the process, and why we make all the prints that we make. Naughton is an artist who has devoted two decades to various roles as a printmaker, and he brings his depth of experience to his role as host. He's been a professor, non-profit shop manager, studio owner, and has practiced every technique from screen print and letterpress to relief, intaglio, installation and everything in between. The show drops a new episode every two weeks featuring some of the best minds working in multiples today.
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Lino Bill Fick
Jul 6 2021
1 hr 20 mins
Lino Bill FickMaster Printer Kathy Caraccio
Kathy Caraccio is a New York based master printer who started out studying under Arun Bos at Hunter College in the 60's, and after graduating spent four years printing and absorbing all kinds of knowledge at Robert Blackburns Print Workshop. It was there she learned the ins and outs of being a collaborating printer and got glimpses into the world of dealing and collecting prints by watching Robert Blackburn sell the prints published in his studio. Her first publishing job was for Pace, before they had their own print operation, printing a commemorative suite of etchings  for Louise Nevelson. She opened her studio and has been a printer for the past 43 years, printing for the likes of Ema Amos, Ed Clarke, Romaire Beardon, Sol LeWitt and many other artists. Kathy comes on the Print Cast to tell her story about she got into printmaking, what it was like working at Robert Blackburn's print studio, and stories of the many collaborations she has done since then.Today’s Let’s Get Technical is all about Collagraph! Hear some great tips from the master herself. -Using a PVC plastic or polystyrene plate (sintra is one brand )-How to prepare the plate with a mesh that simulates an aquatint-Adding collage materials...but not too much-Printing the plate in intaglio and relief stylesSee Kathy's collection and learn more about her at https://www.kcaracciocollection.com/Follow Kathy on Instagram @kathyprintSome other announcements:Self Help Graphics is having its Biennial Print Summit over Zoom, March 10,11,12 of 2021. Check their website for more info. Selfhelpgraphics.comSelf Help Graphics in Los Angeles is also hiring a Master Printer with a specialty in Serigraphy. Learn more at selfhelpgraphics.com/opportunitites
Feb 27 2021
1 hr 16 mins
Part 2 | Prints and Their Makers with Master Printer Phil SandersPart 1 | Prints and Their Makers with Master Printer Phil Sanders
Jan 27 2021
1 hr 13 mins
Drawing Attention to the States of Change with Yoonmi Nam
Artist and professor Yoonmi Nam comes on the podcast to discuss her art, collaborations, exhibitions, and more. Nam is a professor at KU in Lawrence, KS, and we discuss her inspiration that comes from the world around her including her neighborhood and kitchen table. Nam is a lithographer, and Moku Hanga artist, and connects her passion for technical processes with content that speaks to ephemerality and convenience. Most of her art examines liminal spaces between states of change, and contradictions that exist in the things we use like how we use "disposable" goods packaged in plastics that will be around for the next 10,000 years. Her collaborative group Wood/Paper/Box is a long running project between three artists and we discuss how the group works together while apart, and upcoming shows and travel that connect to the work of the artist trio. Today's Let's Get Technical dives into damp pack paper storage, which you may need someday...maybe.Check out Yoonmi online here.Her instagram is here.Follow The Print Cast on Instagram here.Check out more episodes online.Today's discussion involves:How art resembling takeout food takes on new meaning in the pandemic world.Toile wallpaperSGCI New Orleans - print exchangeHow construction and decay often look similar.Living in a run down neighborhood where new development impacts the vintage neighborhood.Flavor Paper - Brooklyn custom screen printed wallpaper Mustard Seed Garden Manual for PaintingWood/Paper/Box - a collaborative group where three artists exchange art works.Moku Hanga Conference in JapanAll works during one project are contained into one box and become an exhibition.Next exhibition of group due to happen in 2021 at The Beach Museum in Manhattan, KSThey are creating a custom edition as part of the show.Their projects are interactive to view because they have to be taken from the box, handled, and moved around to view all the contents.We talk about GAMPI!!! A favorite paper. So delicate, and yet so strong.She started making sculptural objects in response to paper prints.She likes to think about time in materialsThe contradiction that disposable things are made in ultra-durable materials like plasticStudying Moku Hanga in JapanViewing Mt. Fuji in daily life while in JapanDoing a print residency in Japan learning Moku HangaLet’s Get TechnicalUsing a Damp Pack: Moku Hanga paper is typically prepared so that it is moist before printingHow to dampen your printing paper, not fully wet, but moist and ready to take inkUsing damp newsprint, and a sheet of plastic of trash bagTaking humidity and paper thickness into accountMaintain right amount of moisture throughout editioningDon’t leave it sit for too many days, or the damp pack can grow bacteria and ruin paper
Oct 31 2020
1 hr 13 mins
Linocut, my one true love, with Kari Kristensen aka The Printmaker and Her Dog
Today I’ve got a great conversation to share with you featuring an artist you may recognize as The Printmaker and Her Dog, or for non-instagram people, her name is Kari Kristensen. Kari is a relief printmaker based in Vancouver,  Canada where she pumps out iterations of her stylized landscape prints. Kari has a great presence on social media, and there’s something really appealing about the type of work she does. It’s simple, monochromatic, and presents a field of view that makes you want to jump in and get lost amidst the lines and dots she carefully renders. We get into topics around the origins and influences behind her landscapes, lots of Canada-related discussion, and we share some love for our favorite papers and relief printing methods. Speaking of relief printing, there are a couple priceless tips today in our Let’s Get Technical segment, so hang in because you won’t want to miss them. We get into...Art in CanadaGroup of 7 paintersLondon Regionalist Movement Being an artist from OntarioCreating uniquely Canadian artSpeaking with an accent...or thinking you don’t have one.Artist Ken Danby - artist who did image of hockey playersLinocutVancouver peaks called The Two LionsGranville Island - printing press capital of CanadaPeter Brauhn - master printmaker on Granville IslandThomas Printing Presses - vancouver press makerCalvert Guthrie - printshop manager in Kansas CityBIMPE - biennial print exchangeDoing murals that convey the quality of printsLiving with Arithmomania, the OCD conditionMaking flat prints that appear digitalDave Lefner relief printsToday’s Let’s Get Technical: How to treat lino before startingMaintaining all types of tools including speedball cuttersBig love for #1 blade speedball carving toolsTakach Rollers for extra nice ink rollingEast Side Culture Crawl in VancouverFavorite Paper: Arnhem 1618 (245gsm) from BlickLet's not forget the luscious Arches 88Having multiple revenue streams: studio crawls, gallery sales, art rentals, Squarespace online sales portal - posting featured works and not overwhelming buyersHaving a dog keeps you in touch with life outside the studioHow being gay and having OCD lead to a life with linocut
Oct 22 2020
51 mins
Printmakers Against Racism w/ Desiree Aspiras
Printmakers Against Racism is a project that launches today, on the day of this recording July 25th, 2020. Desiree Aspiras is the founder of the project which aims to engage printmakers across the world to sell their printss and donate the proceeds to support the fight against systemic racial injustice. In lieu of the project launch, Desiree and I discuss the motivation behind the project, and how a similar movement called @bakersagainstracism provided her with a frame work to set up this global art sale. Learn how Instagram closed her account causing her to rename her handle with little explanation why it happened at all. Desiree is an artist, poet, and therapist, so she has a lot of thoughtful insight into how it's important to take care of ourselves to be able to show up for others. If you still want to sign up, it's simple to get involved, just go to http://printmakersagainstracism.com and sign up. It's up to participants to sell their works and once the funding is collected they can choose the local organization where they would like the proceeds to benefit. The sale runs for one week, July 25th-July 31st, though the parameters are loose enough that you can still sign up even as the project is launching, and there isn't a hard deadline for when you have to sell your prints. It's really about giving artists a prompt to get making art for a good cause. Check out the project and participate in any way you can. Follow Printmaking As Resistance on InstagramFollow The Print Cast
Jul 26 2020
35 mins
Getting Real w/ Louisville's Smoketown Printshop Calliope Arts
Joining me on The Print Cast are Rudy Salgado Jr. and Susanna Crum of Calliope Arts in Louisville, KY. They are an artist couple who run their studio on the first floor of the building they live in near downtown Louisville. We talk about C-19, a print publishing project they started during quarantine that benefits KY and Southern Indiana artists. Our discussion about the pandemic transitioned into politics in their area including protests, BLM arrests at the mayor's residence, and the ongoing struggle to get justice for Breonna Taylor and others. Other mentions and topics are listed below. Take a listen and learn about Louisville's mainstay public printshop.Check out Calliope Arts OnlineFollow Calliope Arts on InstagramFollow Rudy Salgado Jr.Follow Susanna CrumFollow The Print CastMentions:Chickens and gardeningISU where she teachesCalliope ArtsCommunity Art Center in Danneville KYSpeed Art MuseumBeing an LLC instead of a non-profit for flexibilityC-19 Publishing Project launched as a pivot from COVID-19-artists work on a matrix and send it back for editioning-Artist Relief Trust - to help KY artists, partnership between the maker, the studio, and the relief trust. The project has raised over $1200 at the publishing of this episode.-Collect new prints and support a good cause-Jim James of My Morning Jacket made a print-Ron Whitehead made a print-Hannah Drake - local poet made a printLife during the pandemic in Louisville, KYThe oncoming reality of schools closing to in-person teaching for the rest of 2020Dirty looks and comments for wearing a mask in public.Developing curriculum for at-home learningBlack Lives Matter - Louisville perspectiveBreonna Taylor How police broke into Breonna Taylor’s home and killed her while the suspect they were searching for was already in custodyDavid McAtee was killed by police at a summer protest in Louisville, and conveniently no body camera footage was available from the incident.Navigating a relationship with a neighbor who has polar opposite political beliefsYouth BuildEmbracing the introvert in you to survive a pandemicSusanna Crum is currently the President of Mid American Print Council, and she gives a MAPC 2020 Conference Update
Jul 22 2020
1 hr 7 mins
The Untold Histories of "The Women of Atelier 17" with Author Christina Weyl
Jun 30 2020
58 mins
This is not a time for neutrality | BLMPress On | Fifth Edition featuring Josh Dannin and Todd Irwin, the co-publishers of Power Washer ZinePress On | Fourth Edition featuring Robynn Smith of Print Day in May and Luther Davis of Powerhouse Arts
Today on The Print Cast, it's the fourth edition of our series Press On, something we launched as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to talk directly to printmakers about how this situation impacts their lives, their businesses, and how they'll keep busy through the shutdown of daily life. Each iteration of the series will bring you stories directly from artists and we'll keep them coming as long as this situation persists.Today's edition was wrapped up on May 1st, 2020. In Part 1, Robynn Smith from Print Day in May tells us of the upcoming print holiday on May 2nd. Join in with the celebration and share a print your making, and if you hashtag sponsors, you could win a rad prize. More info here. Part 2 of today's episode features screen printer Luther Davis of Powerhouse Arts. I had Luther on to talk about a recent Jenny Holzer print he did while under quarantine with fellow artist Leslie Diuguid. Together they pulled the B.A.T. while wearing masks and gloves, so that the edition could be sold to raise money for Earth Day. Also starting us off is my news service that I'm now dubbing Feed and Delivery: News for the Graphically Curious. You can look forward to this as a component of future podcasts, and maybe after COVID-19 it will become a stand alone podcast feed for mini episodes each week. For now, check out Press On while it runs on The Print Cast feed and you'll hear the latest each week. More to come and let me know if you want to share anything via the Press On series.Check out the Print Cast website here for more info.London Original FairLadies of Letterpress Conference SurveyHouston Art Museum - Documents of Latin America and Latino ArtGeoff McFettridge Drawings About Pandemic LifeJoin Print Day in MayNMSU University Art Museum - Channeling the Nuances of Motherhood Into ArtArtist Mother Podcast - Episode 55 with Curator Marisa SageHyperallergic review of Channeling the Nuances of Motherhood into ArtArtist Relief Fund Grant Application
May 2 2020
1 hr 2 mins
Press On | Third Edition featuring Matthew Dols of The Wise Fool Podcast and Landscape Printmaker Laura Boswell
Today on The Print Cast, it's the third edition of our series Press On, something we launched as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to talk directly to printmakers about how this situation impacts their lives, their businesses, and how they'll keep busy through the shutdown of daily life. Each iteration of the series will bring you stories directly from artists and we'll keep them coming as long as this situation persists.Today's edition was wrapped up on April 20, 2020. In Part 1, Matthew Dols from The Wise Fool Podcast comes on the show to tell us about what life is like in Prague during the shut down. Part 2 of today's episode features printmaker Laura Boswell from the UK. Laura has been making daily instructional videos about her style of lino printing during the shutdown and it's been getting a lot of great response on Instagram and Youtube. She also does a weekly podcast called Ask an Artist where she and her co-host Peter Keegan talk to artists in their community. It was great to catch up with Laura and to learn about how she juggles art production and content creation. If you haven't seen her videos yet, check em out on Youtube here.More to come and let me know if you want to share anything via the Press On series.Check out the Print Cast website here for more info.London Original FairNormal Editions ISU - Printmaker InterruptedSGCI 2021 | Providence Open CallJudith Rothchild at Emanuel Von Baeyer | MezzotintsArt for Solidarity at Gerrish Fine ArtLouise Bourgeois at Peter Blum GalleryWarhol at Sims Reed LTDMixografia | Making Art with John BaldessariNew Prints Open Call at IPCNYArtist Relief Fund Grant ApplicationLaura Boswell on InstagramLaura Boswell onlineSupport The Print Cast on Patreon
Apr 21 2020
1 hr 1 min
Press On | Second Edition featuring Joseph Velasquez of Drive By Press and Sarah Kirk Hanley from Manhattan Graphics Center
Today's episode of The Print Cast is the second edition of a limited series I’m calling Press On, Press On is a series that looks at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the printmaking community. Each of these bonus episodes brings you stories from printmaking artists and arts administrators speaking to how this situation impacts their lives, what’s happening with print shops and businesses, and how they are adapting to new challenges. Today's first guest is Joseph Velasquez, co-founder of Drive By Press. We talk about teaching, making art about Star Trek, and what it's like developing printing technology from scratch using ready made materials. Second on the show is Sarah Kirk Hanley, the executive director of the Manhattan Graphics Center in NYC. With the closing of most public spaces, it leaves community printshops without access to programs, equipment, and most importantly community. We discuss how she is working to keep everyone connected, and we also chat about funding and how to keep non profit spaces going during difficult times like this. Lots of links today so check out the following if you are looking for interesting print-related things to do online.Daily Art World Corona Virus Report | HyperallergicA Sudanese Printmaker Radiates Light from Darkness | HyperallergicGermany's Sweeping Aid Package for the Arts | ArtnetVirtual Gallery - Wrong is Right: Remembering John Baldessari | MixografiaIPCNY Virtual Gallery | IPCNY + HyperallergicNational Emergency Library | Archive.orgGoogle Arts and CultureArt is Where the Home Is | Greyson Perry and Antony GormleyTom Huck Evil PrintsSteve Martin Playing Banjo in his BackyardSlow Rush in An Imaginary Place | Tame ImpalaThe Last Days of the Art World … and Perhaps the First Days of a New One | Jerry Saltz + VultureDonate to The Print Cast PatreonLearn more at our websiteThanks, wash your hands, stay safe everyone.
Apr 3 2020
51 mins
Press On | First Edition featuring Joey Gross of Public Print Co, James Black of 111 Shirt Lab, and print professor Yoonmi Nam from University of Kansas
Today on podcast, we’re doing a special edition called Press On, a series launched as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to talk directly to printmakers about how this situation impacts their lives, their businesses, and how they’ll keep busy through the shut down of daily life.  Each iteration of this series will bring you stories from 3 artists and we’ll keep em coming as long as this situation persists.Today’s edition was recorded Saturday March 21st of 2020. In Part 1 of today’s edition of Press On, we talk with Joey Gross from Public Print Co in Kansas City. Joey and Andrew were featured on Episode 4 of the Print Cast. We talk about the new line of postcards they've produced at Public and they're online now if you are looking for some affordable and tasteful things to mail to friends during the coming weeks. You can find those here.Second on the show is James Black from 111ShirtLab in Albuquerque, NM. They do lots of public educational programs, and also custom posters, intaglio, litho, relief and t-shirts. With business down, we discuss ways they are keeping busy including making masks and other DIY ways of working.Finally Yoonmi Nam, professor of printmaking at KU, comes on the show to catch us up on what's happening with the virus in Lawrence, KS. She talks about recent travels and how the effects of the pandemic have been slowly building in the past few weeks. You can look forward to an interview with Yoonmi real soon, but for now check out her art which is super cool here.Check out The Print Cast online here.On Instagram here.
Mar 27 2020
52 mins
Introducing: Press On, a limited series on the impacts of COVID-19 on the print community.Art, Business and Activism with Karl LaRocca, founder of Brooklyn's Kayrock Screen PrintingBrooklyn Screen Printer Leslie Diuguid of Du-Good PressThe World of Woodcut With Valerie Lueth of Tugboat PrintshopThe IFPDA Sessions | Swoon and The Living History of Contemporary Printmaking