016: Sue & Alisa (Minky Mamas) - Taking a business from zero to $1M in one year...organically!

The Way of the Futurist

Nov 13 2019 • 1 hr 17 mins

Creating a business from scratch with no money, no business experience, and no contacts that grows from zero to $1M in revenue in the first year with practically zero marketing costs seems impossible for most people. And when Sue and Alisa, the mother-daughter team behind Minky Mamas, got started, making $1M wasn’t even a fleeting thought. They simply needed to find a way to make some extra cash and decided to put their skills to work by creating a handful of one of a kind, handmade patchwork Minky blankets. With the blankets done, they hosted their first ever Facebook Live event with the hopes of selling just one blanket. To their surprise, they sold out. The decision to use Facebook Live turned out to be their silver bullet and with that silver bullet, combined with their work ethic, pure love for their community, the desire to serve others, and a high quality product, they’ve grown their community to over 15,000 people, their Facebook Live events get thousands of viewers per episode, and they sell out of their inventory nearly every show. This is a truly inspiring story that will help aspiring entrepreneurs get started on their journey.

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