015: Jason Feifer: Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, International Speaker & Podcast Host

The Way of the Futurist

Nov 5 2019 • 36 mins

What’s up everybody? Today I’m joined by the one and only, Jason Feifer. Jason is the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine, a popular international speaker, and the host of three podcasts. Other than being the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur, Jason is best known for his incredible work with the Pessimists Archive podcast, where he explores the history of why we resist new things. On one of my favorite episodes, Jason dives into the crazy beliefs and dangers of bicycles, expressed by public figures, peeking with a news article where the writer states that every cyclist has killed at least one person. It seems unimaginable today, but people really pushed back when bikes first hit the mainstream. Jason’s ability to draw a clear line between historical stories where influential people resisted new things to how influential people today spread fear mongering on how new technology is ruining us, is a remarkable gift he possesses and is a major reason the Pessimists Archive is popular among entrepreneurs and technology innovators who deal with these types of opposing voices on a daily basis. His other podcasts are Problem Solvers, a podcast for entrepreneurs to help them identify how to overcome business challenges and Hush Money, a fun podcast Jason co-hosts with Nicole Lapin about the most taboo, awkward situations where money impacts our lives, relationships, and careers. Jason is an expert storyteller and has the energy of an 8 year old excited about life, which makes him super fun to talk with and learn from. He has interviewed and worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, celebrities, and world leaders and from those interactions he’s identified a few power levers that can be applied to increase your potential for a successful outcome in business. In this episode, Jason shares the common traits of successful entrepreneurs, how to communicate with busy leaders like him to build relationships that lead to meaningful opportunities, the future of communication with the shift from mass communication to personalized interaction, and the power of good storytelling. Check out his work in Entrepreneur Magazine and make sure to subscribe to his podcasts, which reminds me, I’m told podcasts with lots of 5 star reviews makes it easier for potential listeners to find my podcast so if you like what your hear, please take a minute to subscribe to The Way of the Futurist podcast and consider leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or whichever app you use to consume podcasts. I’d greatly appreciate it. As a quick heads up, Jason had a hard stop so I didn’t want to waste any time, which is why I dove straight into the interview without the typical intro.

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