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How To Know If False Consensus Bias is Affecting Your Sales
Oct 13 2023
How To Know If False Consensus Bias is Affecting Your Sales
The host, Dennis Collins, delves into the nature of cognitive biases, illustrating their pervasive influence on human behavior and decision-making. He emphasizes the significance of understanding and mitigating the false consensus bias in the context of sales, highlighting its potential detrimental effects on sales strategies and customer interactions. The following key points are discussed:Introduction to Cognitive Biases: Dennis explains the automatic and unconscious nature of cognitive biases, underscoring their impact on various aspects of human behavior and decision-making.Understanding False Consensus Bias: The false consensus bias is defined as the tendency to overestimate the extent to which others share our beliefs, opinions, and behaviors. Dennis outlines the roots of this bias as well as its implications in sales.Impact on Sales: The false consensus bias leads salespeople to make assumptions about their customers' preferences based on their own beliefs and behaviors. This can result in an overemphasis on price, overlooking other product features or benefits, and an assumption that objections primarily relate to pricing.Mitigating the Bias: Dennis provides practical strategies to counter the false consensus bias, such as self-awareness checks, challenging assumptions, active listening, and customer-centric sales training. He emphasizes the importance of embracing a growth mindset and being open to feedback to continuously improve sales performance.Importance of Mindset in Sales: Dennis underscores the significance of mindset in achieving sales success, emphasizing that while having a strong skill set is crucial, maintaining a positive and customer-centric mindset is equally important. He concludes that effective selling involves both honed skills and the ability to understand and overcome cognitive biases.The episode serves as a valuable guide for sales professionals, emphasizing the need to be aware of and counteract the false consensus bias in order to build stronger customer relationships and enhance sales performance.