2022.10.16 - The Seriousness Of Holiness And The Sin Of Irreverence

Midway Baptist Church Sermons

Oct 16 2022 • 47 mins

But before we get there I want to begin our time together by setting the tone for our study. To do that, I wish to read a quote from one of my favorite pastors. Listen to these words. Imagine there was a great king who loved His bride more than anything and he is going to go on a long journey and before He goes on that journey He calls you and says to you, “you will be the steward, you will take care of my bride, she is most precious to me. Here are the decrees by which you will care for her. This is what you shall do and shall not do with her. You must fulfill everything. Your faithfulness will be rewarded and your unfaithfulness, your unconcern for these decrees regarding my bride will be punished. So the king goes on His long journey. He is gone for a long time and the steward begins to notice that the people are loosing interest with the king and loosing interest in His bride the queen because she is somewhat pale, plain, and old-fashioned to them. So the steward decides in order to save the kingdom, he is going to remake the bride and in doing so he is going to change her simple yet elegant white robe into something a bit more flashy and eye catching. He may even paint her face, make her hair and then parades her in front of carnal men in order to attract them somehow back into the kingdom. When that king returns what is He going to do to that steward? I’m sure He will take his life. He will judge him most severely, looking at him He will say, who do you think that you are that you would do this to my bride especially in light of the specific commands I gave you. We see this today. So many try to repackaged, remake the bride of Christ so that worldly men would be attracted to the King. Those men should be extremely afraid. Point I - The Seriousness of Holiness (v.1-4) Point II - The Sin of Irreverence (v. 5-10) Don’t think to yourself, I am saved, I can do what I want, go where I want, or live how I want. That is the very same spirit of irreverence Uzzah displayed in his disobedient act that cost him his life. While faith in Christ is what saves it is not a license to live a wanton life of flesh and pleasure. God expects those called by the Name to reflect His glory and holiness. Be reverent before God in all things not just when you come into this building. Maybe, you are here today and have not yet placed your faith in Jesus Christ, who by His body and blood—that is, His crucifixion—has made payment for your sin, yes your sin, and through His resurrection granted the gift of eternal life. I implore you, before you meet the same fate as Uzzah, repent and believe in Jesus. You see divine judgment by a holy God against sinners is an eternal punishment in His prison called Hell. Watch us on our YouTube channel, our website or our Facebook page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi7C66QudDzbTDtA-DaSQBw/ https://midwaybaptistnc.org https://facebook.com/midwaybaptistnc