Encore: Say It Skillfully® – Saying No, Titles, Less Email Stress & More

Say It Skillfully®

Jan 3 2023 • 1 hr

Say It Skillfully® is a show that helps you to benefit from Molly Tschang’s expert guidance on the best possible ways to speak your mind at work in a positive and productive manner. In Episode 109, Molly’s first caller, Stephen, shares a culture clash of a recent merger, which isn’t good for the organization or employees. He stresses empathy-trust-relationship as the core—”If people can’t talk openly across all levels and we think anyone is better than another, something is seriously wrong...” HUGE opportunity for leaders to step up! Then Taylor, two years out of college, is challenged to “say no” to her boss when she’s drowning in work. She shares (great) awareness of how her pride and desire to be needed and seen as reliable hold her back. Taylor and Molly talk through how she empowers herself to positively and productively chat with her boss (and cross-functional team members) about right-sizing her workload (18:30). Next, high school student Alev opens up about an uncomfortable situation with a friend as she approached her about forming a new club at school to empower women. Hear her early learnings on the subject of “titles”—sure to be useful in the years ahead (34:00)! Finally, Molly shares a scenario re: research showing how email stresses people out (see below) and offers additional ways to be proactive, one of those from her friend, Garry Ridge, Chairman & CEO of WD-40, who leaves nothing to chance. His email footer is: I may be working in a different time zone to you, and I am sending this message now because I am working. I don’t expect that you will respond to, or action it outside of your preferred working times (46:30). Join the show to unpack these challenges and learn how to navigate work while being invaluable and true to yourself! Molly’s thought for the week: When you learn that a person’s behavior has more to do with their internal struggle than it ever did with you, you learn grace.