Say It Skillfully® – Bob Roth, Destined to Make a Better World

Say It Skillfully®

Nov 21 2023 • 1 hr

Say It Skillfully® is a show that helps you to benefit from Molly Tschang’s expert guidance on the best possible ways to speak your mind at work in a positive and productive manner. Here is Episode 204 for you – don’t miss the brilliant Bob Roth, widely considered one of the leading experts on Transcendental Meditation. Molly and Bob sit down and go over what meditation is, and how it can work for anyone, regardless of whether or not you believe in it. Hear all about Focus, Open Monitoring, and Self-Transcending, the three main branches of meditation. Bob explains he came to meditation in 1969, a time when those who practiced were “certifiably weird,” and even though he was “a practical sort of guy,” he had so much trust in and respect for his teacher, that he opened himself up to learning. Now, in 2023, he has devoted his life to bringing Transcendental Meditation to a million and counting children. Bob says his journey started as a way to lessen his stress and has ended up as “a tool to help make a big difference in the world.” Don’t miss Bob reminiscing on the 60s and 70s, reflecting on how meditation became a widespread movement back then, and maybe even saved his generation. The cultural uproar Bob remembers will help you fully understand why meditation going mainstream came at the perfect moment. Bob talks about how inspiring Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was to him because while everyone else fixated on his working with The Beatles, and that level of star-power could have gotten to his head, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi stayed completely focused on researching how meditation was beneficial to physical and mental health. Bob expands on what these health benefits are, explaining how he has helped establish forums for top medical researchers to look into the correlation between meditation and better health. Bob wraps up this episode by sharing his two keys to success in all areas of life. Tune in to hear what they are! Don’t miss this wisdom-filled episode of Say It Skillfully®! Molly’s thought for the week: Your body hears everything your mind says — Naomi Judd P.S. Bob leads to his full potential by communication to influence and inspire! To help you do the same, I created my 1st LinkedIn Learning course, “Leadership Communication in the Flow of Work.” Here’s the link for free 24-hour access