Say It Skillfully – Murphy Jensen, Human Being, Not a Human Doing

Say It Skillfully®

Apr 18 2023 • 1 hr

Say It Skillfully® is a show that helps you to benefit from Molly Tschang’s expert guidance on the best possible ways to speak your mind at work in a positive and productive manner. Episode 177 features former professional tennis player and grand slam champion, Murphy Jensen. Murphy joins the show to recount his heartwarming experience of against all odds recovering from alcohol, drugs, and a near-death cardiac arrest. Don’t miss top takeaways from Murphy’s journey including the importance of open-mindedness and the notion that the teacher appears when the student is ready. He also tells stories from his pro tennis days and talks about his current endeavors in helping people be happier and healthier. Murphy inspires us all to know no boundaries and to commit to taking action so that all can be safe, seen and heard, and our true best selves.